Red Dog Table Game

Red Dog is an easy card game with a straightforward concept that requires a bit of intuition.

Game Specifications

Bonus game: No
Jackpot game: No

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    Red Dog

    Red Dog, otherwise known as ‘in-between’ is a popular game, mostly because the rules are so simple, and the odds of the player’s winning are relatively fair, therefore, it’s perfect for beginners. Among the great table games at EmuCasino, Red Dog stands out as it is based on pure luck and intuition, but there is a way players can be smart at this game and win more. The game possesses excellent graphics and many other attractive features. The game is played with 8 decks of 52 cards.

    Players first need to select a chip size; the smallest being $1.00 and the highest being worth $100.00. After doing so, you can start playing Red Dog, whose aim is quite simple – you are dealt two cards, separated by a field for another, third card; your task is to predict whether the third card will be between the first two. If you feel certain that the third card will be between the first two, select RIDE option to raise the bet; however, if you’re not so sure, opt for STAND, which will keep the bet amount on the same level.

    The odds are shown in the middle of the game table and mostly depend on the difference between the two cards. The player’s bet is pushed on 3 circumstances if the two cards have no cards in the middle and if two cards are of the same value. Players get the highest pay if they are dealt two card with the same value and the 3rd card also has the exact value, making it 3 of a kind and paying 111. If there are 4 to 11 card values in between the initially dealt cards, the payouts are even.

    If you’re interested in table games, but lack proficiency and experience, try Red Dog. If, on the other hand, you have been playing long enough to have your own strategy, try it on this game. In any case, it’s simple, yet rewarding nature makes it something worth giving a shot at EmuCasino.