Trip to Bali for two
$1,000 bonus cash
$900 bonus cash
$800 bonus cash
$700 bonus cash
$600 bonus cash
$500 bonus cash
$400 bonus cash
$300 bonus cash
$200 bonus cash
Bonus Title
$25 BC
$25 Bonus Cash
$50 BC
$50 Bonus Cash
$100 BC
$100 Bonus Cash
$125 BC
$125 Bonus Cash
$150 BC
$150 Bonus Cash
60 FS
Deposit $20 and get 60 Free Spins
80 FS
Deposit $20 and get 80 Free Spins
200% DB
200% Deposit Match up to $2,000
1000 EP
1,000 EmuPoints
1500 EP
1,500 EmuPoints
50 No Deposit Free Spins
75 No Deposit Free Spins
100 NDFS
100 No Deposit Free Spins
125 NDFS
125 No Deposit Free Spins
150 NDFS
150 No Deposit Free Spins
100 NDFS
100 No Deposit Free Spins
125 NDFS
125 No Deposit Free Spins
150 NDFS
150 No Deposit Free Spins
$100 BC
$100 Bonus Cash
$125 BC
$125 Bonus Cash
$150 BC
$150 Bonus Cash
$200 BC
$200 Bonus Cash
$50 Cash
$50 Real Cash
$100 Cash
$100 Real Cash
$250 Cash
$250 Real Cash
$500 Cash
$500 Real Cash
$1,000 Cash
$1,000 Real Cash

In commemoration of these past 7 fun-filled years with our players, we are thrilled to announce our Eddy in Wonderland promotion.

Eddy has tumbled down the rabbit hole and is now deep within the heart of Wonderland where the celebration is taking place! Along with the Cheshire Cat and hookah-smoking caterpillar, can you assist Eddy in snatching party gifts and returning back to the world of grasslands and deserts?

Join the 7th Anniversary party of EmuCasino and embark on an enchanting adventure with Eddy in Wonderland!

You'll have numerous chances to win a variety of bonuses and prizes by simply playing in our Wheel of Fortune game. Beyond the dark forests and the castle of the red queen lies various bonuses and prizes the likes of which all of Wonderland has never witnessed before, and all of the creatures of Wonderland have gathered together to watch it all unfold!

Our Eddy in Wonderland promotion features 10 raffle prizes (with the top prize being a trip to Bali for two) that 10 lucky players chosen at random can win!

Time is running out and Wonderland is calling your name, so join us in the land of enchantment as we celebrate EmuCasino’s 7th Anniversary!

Step 1: Simply deposit and wager a minimum of $50 to obtain one (1) ticket

Step 2: Click the “spin” button located in the center of the wheel. One (1) ticket will be deducted from your total number of tickets for each spin.

Step 3: Once the wheel stops, a pop-up window displays the bonus details. Players can choose to either accept or decline the bonus received. In the case of entering the bonus round: If players choose to accept, they will spin the golden bonus wheel. If players choose to decline, the wheel will automatically spin in the normal round.

Step 4: Players will be able to view the full bonus information at the bonus section in their account.

**By accepting any of the bonuses offered in this campaign, players confirm that they have read the terms and conditions and that they agree to be bound by them.

1. The promotion will commence on the 15th of July 2019 UTC 00:00 to 28th of July 2019 UTC 23:59 on www.emucasino.com. We reserve the right to change the promotion period as deem fit on the day.

2. This promotion is open to players who have received the invitation from the casino.

3. You are advised to visit our website or contact our Customer Support if you have further queries regarding this promotion.

4. One (1) ticket will be given for every $50 deposit and wager until the campaign ends. Wagering on all casino games will contribute to receiving a ticket.

5. It may take up to 15 minutes for the tickets to be shown as available once players fulfill the criteria.

6. A player can only obtain a maximum of eight (8) tickets.

7. Once players use up a ticket they can wager another $50 to obtain an additional ticket.

8. Note that once players have a maximum of eight (8) tickets in their account, any amount that they wager after, will not contribute to any additional ticket.

9. Players will be able to redeem a bonus on the wheel of fortune by using one (1) or more tickets.

10. Players are required to use an extra ticket to enter the bonus round.

11. Players have the choice to claim or decline the bonus/cash received. Ticket(s) will not be credited back to players after the bonus/cash is declined.

12. Upon getting a bonus, players are able to check the full bonus details in their account bonus section.

13. Players are required to activate the bonuses given throughout this campaign on their account bonus section.

14. Players are required to activate their bonuses within the same day (UTC 23:59:59) before it expires

15. In the case where players are rewarded the Real Cash during the bonus round, the amount will be credited to their account within 2 working days.

16. Activated bonuses will expire within three (3) days.

17. All unclaimed bonuses/cash will be forfeited once the player has exited the page.

18. There will be a different set of bonuses on the wheel depending on the day of the week and players can receive better rewards from Sunday to Tuesday

19. To view any updates bonuses under "Your Bonuses", players will need to refresh the campaign landing page.

20. Players will be opted-in automatically to a special raffle contest when they have used at least one (1) ticket throughout the campaign.

21. Ten (10) players will be picked at random in the special raffle and winners will receive a prize:

Ranking Prize Wagering requirement
1 5D 4N Trip to Bali, 5 Star Resort -
2 $1,000 Bonus Cash 1x
3 $900 Bonus Cash 1x
4 $800 Bonus Cash 1x
5 $700 Bonus Cash 1x
6 $600 Bonus Cash 1x
7 $500 Bonus Cash 1x
8 $400 Bonus Cash 1x
9 $300 Bonus Cash 1x
10 $200 Bonus Cash 1x

22. Raffle winners will be announced via email after seven (7) working days when the campaign ends.

23. All bonuses offered in this campaign is subjected to wagering requirement, maximum bets and max bonus winnings.

24. EmuCasino reserves the right to penalize the players from participating in the campaign if found abusing the bonuses.

25. EmuCasino reserves the right to update the bonuses or promotions related to this campaign at any point in time, depending on the requirement.

26. All Standard Promotion T&C’s apply.

Grand Prize Terms and Conditions

1. Two (2) round trip airline tickets to Bali, Indonesia

2. Five (5) day, Four (4) night stay at a five stars hotel

3. Travel dates for the trip to Bali will be decided by EmuCasino. No rescheduling will be made if the selected winner is unable to travel as scheduled for any reason.

4. EmuCasino will attempt to contact the winner via email or telephone based on the information provided. If the winner cannot be reached, his/her rights as a winner will be terminated without prior notice.

5. If the winner rejects their prize or in breach of these Terms and Conditions, the winner's prize will be forfeited.

6. All transportation, personal costs and any other costs, fees and other related expenses that incur on the trip is the sole responsibility of the winner.

7. Grand prizes are non-transferable to any other person but it is exchangeable for cash at 70% of the grand prize value if the winner is unable to travel as scheduled.