Joker Poker Video Poker

Make full use of the added joker toa standard game of online Video Poker at EmuCasino.

Game Specifications

Bonus game: No
Jackpot game: No

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    Please note that this game is excluded from the current Casino Race, bonuses or other promotions.

    Joker Poker

    Joker Poker is another interesting variation of the ever famous online game Video Poker at EmuCasino. The dynamic attributes of this game proves how remarkably it has been developed. This video poker is played with a regular 52 card deck plus as the name suggests a joker. The main objective is to get the best card combination and get away with great payouts.

    Joker Poker is played with 53 cards – there is the standard 52-card deck, in addition to a joker, which is a wild card and can, of course, be used to complete winning combinations. The cards are shuffled before each and every game, so you have a random deal. Players are put against the virtual banker to bet on their 5 card hand. At first, players are dealt 5 cards. After holding their desired card, aiming to get the best combination, clicking ‘deal’ gets you new cards to replace the discarded cards. Your win depends on the final outcome of your hand. To make matters easy, the potential winnings are clearly displayed on the pay table on the top of the gameplay screen.

    To make bets, you can use the ‘choose coin’ option, which incrementally serve to increase or decrease the size or your wager, after which players need to decide the number of coins they want to play with. The total wager option is ranged between $0.02 and $5.00. This game has a massive 4000 coin pay if the player holds a Natural Royal Flush (Royal Flush without any wilds) as his final hand on a max bet. This game gets better and better as you encounter the Doubling option after winning a hand.

    Special Features:

    Joker Poker has the addition of one Joker. This means that players can make every hand they traditionally could, but with the added help of a joker acting as a wildcard. The Joker can be substituted for any other card.


    When you achieve the desired objective of a winning hand, you actually have a chance to increase your win. That is through the option of ‘Doubling,’ which is constantly reminded after every win. Doubling lets you choose a face-down card to go up against a dealer’s face-up card. If your card is of a higher value, you win double the amount of your original win. You can keep doubling or decide to collect at any time.