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Bush Bash Race

Start Date: 00:00:00, 26/04/2021
Finish Date: 23:59:59, 02/05/2021
Race Type: Most Rounds
Total Prize Pool: $1,500
Number of Positions: 30
Minimum Spins to Qualify: 1
Minimum Spin Value: $0.25
Qualifying Games: All Slots excluding Jackpots

Bush Bash Race

This Bush Bash Race and the amazing prizes that await at the finish line have got my feathers all perked up in excitement! Are you ready to suit up and get your game face on? I know that I am! Let’s rev up our engines and prepare for one exhilarating dash towards some truly epic rewards! Hop on my 4x4 as we brace ourselves for an adrenaline-fueled race through thick bushes and dirt roads. With maximum speed and determination, we will leave our competition in the dust and earn a place amongst the top 30!

With automatic opt-in, the chances are you’ll win a prize without even realising you’re in the race, giving you a nice little cash reward as a thank you for playing on EmuCasino.

So what are the top Prizes

    • - 1st = $250
    • - 2nd = $200
    • - 3rd = $150
    • - 4th = $100
    • - 5th = $100
    • - 6th = $60
    • - 7th = $60
    • - 8th = $60
    • - 9th = $60
    • - 10th = $60

This race is available to all players (excluding AR, AS, AU, BA, BE, CL, CU, CZ, DK, ES, FI, FR, GB, GI, GR, GU, HR, HU, ID, IE, IL, IQ, IR, IT, JP, KP, KY, LV, MA, MP, MX, MY, NG, NL, NO, PH, PL, PR, PY, RO, RS, RU, SA, SE, SG, SI, SK, TR, UA, UM, US, VI, ZA).

Please note that due to an unforeseen technical anomaly, the data within the "Place" and "Prize" columns in our leaderboard may not be accurate however the winners will be awarded based on the "Score" as usual. We are currently working to resolve this and apologize for the inconvenience.


Race starts in 1 Week 5 Days 12 Hours 47 Minutes