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Dirty Dingo Dash

Start Date: 00:00:00, 18/03/2019
Finish Date: 23:59:59, 24/03/2019
Race Type: Most Rounds
Total Prize Pool: $2,500
Number of Positions: 100
Minimum Spins to Qualify: 1
Minimum Spin Value: $0.25
Qualifying Games: All Slots excluding Jackpots

Dirty Dingo Dash 

You can never be sure with a Dingo, they might look like a friendly domestic dog, or they might be a crazed wild animal. With Dinko are latest character, we’re not entirely sure either, all we know is that he loves chasing the coin and he’s a scruffy little pup, but we know in this casino race, he’s sure to rack up some good wins!

With automatic opt-in, the chances are you’ll win a prize without even realising you’re in the race, giving you a nice little cash reward as a thank you for playing on EmuCasino.

So what are the top Prizes

    • 1st = $300
    • 2nd = $250
    • 3rd = $200
    • 4th = $150
    • 5th = $100
    • 6th = $90
    • 7th = $90
    • 8th = $80
    • 9th = $80
    • 10th = $70

This race is available to all players playing with all currencies accepted at EmuCasino.


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