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Long Ball Crash Game

Evoplay Long Ball Crash Game Thumbnail Image
Game Type Crash Game
Game Provider Evoplay
Min. Bet $1
Max. Bet $1000

Play Long Ball online now!

Go long and shoot for the goal!

Adoring fans are packed into the seas around the stadium, watching over the football pitch with bated breath. A football is placed at the far end of the court, and there is only one goal in mind: to score a goal, of course! Cheer for your team and hope that the ball curves its way past the goal keeper and into the net. Long Ball is ready to be played in no download format directly from your desktop browser on EmuCasino.

How to play Long Ball by Evoplay?

Long Ball is classified as a video crash game. To begin, you will first need to set your bet, which can be done using the bet controls on the bottom centre of the game screen. The game allows you to make two separate bets for the same round, with two separate values. You will be able to set your bets from a minimum of $1 to a maximum of $1,000. You will be given 10 seconds between rounds to place your bets, and once you have clicked the 'Bet Now' button, you simply have to wait for the round to begin.

Once the round starts, the football will be kicked and start to soar through the air. As it travels, the win multiplier will start to increase, starting at 1x to a maximum of 1,000x. Players can click the 'Cash Out' button at any time after the ball has been kicked, and they will receive a win based on the multiplier that was on screen at the time of their Cash Out.

At a random point after kick-off, the football will fall or 'crash', and the multiplier will stop increasing. Players will no longer be able to Cash Out on their bets. The goal is to Cash Out just before the football falls in order to win the highest possible win multiplier.

The bonus features in Long Ball

Plays can use the Auto Cash Out feature in order to ease gameplay by having the bet automatically cashed out at a predetermined multiplier.

Long Ball Crash Game Screenshot Image