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Deep Rush Crash Game

Kalamba Gaming Deep Rush Crash Game Thumbnail Image
Game Type Crash Game
Game Provider Kalamba Games
Min. Bet $0.1
Max. Bet $100

Hunt or Be Hunted in Deep Rush by Kalamba Games

Are you scared of the deep seas and the monstrous creatures it may hold? What if we told you that there were precious, long-lost treasures in these beast-infested waters, just waiting for an adventurer to brave the waters and pick them up? Well, as the story goes, not too long ago, on a faraway isle, a band of thieves had just pulled off the heist of a lifetime a 5-year long bank and museum robbery where all valuables were meticulously smuggled out and exchanged for highly convincing imitations. Armed with enough fortunes to have lasted each one of them several lifetimes over, their luck ran out at the very last portion of their heist the escape. Choosing to travel inconspicuously under the cover of the night, theyd hired an expert boatsman to help them navigate through the treacherous waters, but alas! Disaster struck when they crashed against jagged rocks and swam into a school of hungry sharks. That was the last anybodys ever heard from them, and all the treasure they had stolen remain sunken in the depths near a den of sharks...

Instructions on How to Play Deep Rush

This game is not for the faint of heart, and if youre thinking of plunging into the dark depths, heres what youll need to do. Firstly, you can adjust the stake to your hearts desire by clicking on the - and + icons around the bet to decrease or increase the wager. The minimum wager is $0.15 and the maximum is $150.00. Deep Rush is a crash type game, meaning that when you click play, your submarine descends into the water while a multiplier to the right of the game steadily increases. The round ends when you either stop the timer and cash out, or the game stops it (or crashes) in the form of a shark gobbling up your submarine. Hence, the goal of the game is to cash out before your ship crashes, and you lose all your stake. Anytime you successfully cash out, your winnings will be your bet multiplied by the multiplier you stopped the game at. Once you cash out, the multiplier will stop increasing, but if youre the curious sort, you might want to continue watching your submarines descent to see how far it could have gone without getting attacked. You could also toggle the speed at which your submarine descends by tapping on the little green lightning sign next to the bet button.

Deep Rush Crash Game Screenshot Image