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Place your best bets at EmuCasino Live as we introduce the classic game of Blackjack.

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    Blackjack Live Casino

    Blackjack has always been the show piece table game at all the high life casinos and it is definitely true in the case of EmuCasino. Possibly the most known card game online, 21 is now available Live at EmuCasino, with real live dealers, real cards and real time winning.

    This game of Blackjack is played with 8 standard decks of 52 cards. The cards are re-shuffled before each round. Both the player and the dealer are dealt two cards each among which the player will not be able to one of the dealer’s cards unless he finished his turn. The aim of the game is to beat the dealer by playing your cards closer or equal to 21. To win a hand, your card value should always be higher than that of the dealer but not over 21.

    Each table is limited to 7 seats and are presented with a ‘Sit Here’ icon if a position is open. Players can select the chip size and place them on their ante area. The chip size depends on each table and players cannot place a bet below the minimum bet size or above the maximum stated. The lowest chip among the tables start at $0.50 and maxes at $2,500.00.

    Most of the rules for these Blackjack versions are kept standard. The live dealer must always stand on a 17 and an Ace can count as 1 or 11 and all the face cards, J, Q and K are counted as a 10. Doubling down is allowed in any card total. The game offers insurance when the first dealer card is an Ace and has a potential blackjack hand. All payouts are 1 to 1 except for blackjack wins which pays 3:2. Since this is a Live Casino Game with Live Dealers, players can always interact with the dealer using the live chat facility upon any questions.

    There are some unique winning prospects for Live Blackjack games apart from the standard 1:1 and 3:2 pays. These include perfect Pairs payouts of a staggering 25:1, where the initial 2 cards are identical with the same suits. There is a coloured pairs payout of 12:1 if players get 2 cards of same numbers and of same coloured suits (spades /clubs or hearts/diamonds) and the mixed pairs payout of 6:1 if players get the same number cards but of different suites.

    There is a whiff of poker added in these Live Blackjack games to ensure more excitement and better payouts. These are called 21+3, where the combination of the initial 2 of the players cards and the dealer’s first revealed cards can reward a payout for a poker combination.

    These include:

    Suited Trips – identical triplets; 3 cards of same numbers and same suites. Payout of 100:1

    Straight Flush – a numerical sequence of same suites. Payout of 40:1

    Three of a kind – identical card numbers of different suites. Payout of 30:1

    Straight – numerical sequence of different suites. Payout of 10:1

    Flush – cards of the same suits. Payout of 10:1.

    The minimum and maximum chip size for each Live Blackjack games is as follows:

    Blackjack Party : $0.50 – $100.00

    Blackjack A : $5.00 – $500.00

    Blackjack B : $10.00 – $500.00

    Backjack C : $15.00 – $500.00

    Blackjack D, F, G, H : $25.00 – $500.00

    Blackjack Silver 4 : $50.00 – $1,000.00

    Blackjack VIP A, B, C : $50.00 – $1,000.00

    Blackjack VIP D, E : $100.00 – $1,000.00

    Blackjack Platinum VIP : $250.00 – $1,500.00

    Blackjack Fortune VIP : $250.00 – $1,500.00

    Blackjack Grand VIP : $500.00 – $2,500.00