Live Casino – Monopoly

Experience Monopoly like never before!

Game Specifications

Min bet: $ 0.10
Max bet: $ 1000
Bonus game: No
Jackpot game: No
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    Please note that this game is excluded from the current Casino Race, bonuses or other promotions.

    Monopoly Live

    A truly classic boardgame makes its way to EmuCasino in live format and is now unlike anything that we’ve ever seen before! EmuCasino is proud to introduce Live Monopoly to its collection of Live Casino games. With a live dealer facilitating the game, the heart-pounding action comes at you in full swing. The flawless graphics and animations in Monopoly Live multiply the action and thrill tenfold as you roll the die and watch as Mr. Monopoly does what he does best.

    The minimum and maximum bets allowed in Live Casino—Monopoly are $0.10 and $1000, respectively. You can set your desired bets as well as add tables using the buttons situated along the bottom of the game. Monopoly Live also has a chat box located on the left hand side of the game; this is where you can interact and communicate with other players, which makes this gaming experience that much more enjoyable.

    In Monopoly Live, when you place simple number bets, you will potentially win corresponding payouts (1x, 2x, 5x or 10x), as the dealer spins the wheel to reveal which number you land on. Monopoly Live also features 2 and 4 rolls Bonus Games.

    Special Features:

    To activate this bonus round, you must first bet on 2/4 rolls, then await 2/4 rolls to appear on the wheel. Once you trigger the 2 or 4 roll bonus round, Mr. Monopoly will launch himself from his chair and the wheel will be replaced by a monopoly board. A pair of die will then be rolled across properties and Monopoly sections to determine the bet multipliers that you will accumulate. Next, you must collect the Bonuses within in the Bonus Round, at which point you will receive your Bonus win!

    Note that the bonus game will last for a minimum of two and four dice rolls corresponding to the wheel landing on 2 rolls or one 4 rolls spots, simultaneously. Also, if a double is rolled; that is, if two dice displaying the same number are rolled, then a free dice roll will be rewarded. If Mr. Monopoly happens to land on the Community Chest or Chance spots, then you will either win a random prize consisting of cash or you will be charged with a fee.

    The Income Tax and Supertax spots reduces your winnings by 10% and 20% respectively. When you pass the GO spot, all the prizes won after that point on the board will by multiplied by 2. If Mr. Monopoly has the misfortune of landing on the Go to Jail space, then you must roll a double in order to get him out.

    The wait is finally over. Enjoy and experience Monopoly like you’ve never have before; live, all in no download, instant play format on EmuCasino!