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Blackjack Live Casino

Evolution BlackJack Live Casino Thumbnail
Game Type Live Casino
Game Provider Evolution
Min. Bet $0.5
Max. Bet $2,500

Play Blackjack Live today!

This well-loved card game is probably one of the first card games most players come across in casinos. It's an easy game for beginners yet, it's equipped to offer some challenges for seasoned players. If you haven't had the chance to try out this fun card game, why not save that trip to the casino for another time and try it out online instead? Blackjack Live at EmuCasino creates a simulation of an actual Blackjack game with live dealers and players. You'd play just as you would in real life, except everything happens online. Put your beginner's luck to good use and play a game of Blackjack today!

How Blackjack Live by Evolution Gaming works

The goal of Blackjack is to obtain a hand containing values amounting to as close as 21 as possible 21 means you've received a Blackjack, which almost always guarantees a win. The game begins with the dealer dealing two cards facing down to each player while the dealer will reveal one of their cards to you. Then, you will place your bets, which include side bets on Perfect Pairs, insurance, Double Down, and Split Pair Bets. You'll also decide when you want to 'hit' or 'stand' to come up with a hand closest to 21 to beat the dealer. Bets at Live Casino - Blackjack begins at $0.01 and caps at $0.02.

Additional features in Blackjack Live

The most important feature is the added advantage of communicating with dealers directly with live casinos. Not only does it help with the flow of the game, but it also makes one feel as though they are playing in an actual casino. Plus, the 'Deal Now' button will offer some solace if you find yourself getting impatient. It speeds up the game, so you'll get to squeeze in a few more rounds before you go to bed.

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