Redeem Great Prizes with Your Loyalty Points

emushop-emupoints-loyalty-programmeEarn yourself amazing rewards just by coming to play with me at EmuCasino Mobile!

Words can’t describe how happy I am every time my friends visit and sit down for a fun gaming session with me. While I do liven things up with huge parties to show my appreciation for them every chance I get, I wanted to be able to give them something on a more regular basis. This is how I came up with the idea to set up my special EmuPoints Mobile loyalty programme as well as a little something I call the EmuShop.

*The EmuShop is not available to players from Finland and Sweden.

*Due to the current circumstances, the “Prizes” will not be redeemable until further notice. In the meantime, we encourage you to stay at home and prioritise your health.

EmuPoints: An Introduction

As part of my ‘full activity’-based complimentary reward system, I give out loyalty points which I named EmuPoints.

How to Collect EmuPoints

You can earn my loyalty points by doing certain things while you spend time with me here at EmuCasino Mobile:


1,000 EmuPoints are instantly yours the moment you finish the EmuCasino Mobile account registration process.

Logging in and Playing

You can get an easy 200 EmuPoints just by visiting me and playing every day! All you have to do is stay logged in for at least 15 minutes and wager $50 or more during that session.

Making a Deposit

For every deposit of no less than $100 you make, you will be rewarded with 500 EmuPoints.

Wagering On Games

Depending on your EmuCasino Mobile loyalty programme level, you will receive varying amounts of EmuPoints just by wagering on your favourite casino games. For example, every $10 stake on a slot game or online scratch will earn you 9 to 14 EmuPoints. $10 stakes on other types of games will reward 1 EmuPoint per bet; if you are at the Platinum or Elite level, however, you get 2 EmuPoints instead.

I’m coming up with more ways for you to earn EmuPoints through my comp system so keep an eye out for those in the future!

Keeping Track of Your EmuPoints

If you’re worried about losing track of how many EmuPoints you have, don’t worry because I’ve made things super easy for you! Just bring up your EmuCasino Mobile profile and you’ll immediately be able to see your total EmuPoints and loyalty level right under your cash and bonus amounts.

Presenting the EmuShop and the Use of EmuPoints

Aside from increasing your EmuCasino Mobile loyalty level, your EmuPoints can be exchanged at my very special EmuShop for a range of great prizes which I’ve divided into the Free Spins, Deposit Bonuses, Cash and Prizes categories.

Everything on offer in the EmuShop is clearly listed along with the amount of EmuPoints you’ll need to purchase them. Once you’ve made your choice, that amount will be deducted from your account accordingly but your loyalty level will remain the same.

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