19-year-old Saskatoon diver heads to Olympics

Rylan Wiens, a 19-year-old from the Saskatoon Diving Club, will travel to the Tokyo Olympics.

Wiens, who will compete in the 10-metre dive, made the Olympics through competing in trials in Toronto.

Covid-19 will make for an Olympics like no other, with various restrictions still in place, but Wiens is looking forward to the challenge.

“You don’t know what exactly to expect when you get to the Games,” he said.

“Training was a little bit inconsistent this year, competitions were lacking, we don’t have a lot of experience in real competitions. But some of the uncertainty … is what makes it even more exciting for this year.”

He continued: “For me, I’m looking to go there and have a lot of fun, gain some experience. Overall, competition-wise, I want to come in the top 12 and make the final for the Olympic Games.”

Wiens’ coach, Mary Carroll, travelled to the 1992 Olympics as a diver and the 19-year-old knows her experience will be a lot of help in Tokyo.

“Overall, she’s going to help me stay calm, cool, and collected in between my dives and also help me with the proper preparation at the village before I start competing,” he said.

The Olympics will run from July 23 until August 8.

Sports news editor