Kane Refuses To Rule Out Tottenham Exit

Harry Kane says he will only stay at Tottenham for as long as the club’s ambitions match his.

If his current scoring rate were to continue, he would topple Jimmy Greaves as Tottenham’s all-time leading scorer in the next two or three seasons.

But for all his goalscoring exploits, the 26-year-old is yet to win a trophy at Tottenham and they look further away from doing that than at any point in the last five years as new manager Jose Mourinho struggles to get the team firing.

Asked whether he could be at Spurs for the rest of his career, he told Sky Sports’ Jamie Redknapp: “It’s one of those things, I couldn’t say yes, I couldn’t say no.

“I love Spurs, I’ll always love Spurs. But it’s one of those things – I’ve always said if I don’t feel we’re progressing as a team or going in the right direction, then I’m not someone to just stay there for the sake of it.

“I’m an ambitious player, I want to improve, I want to get better, I want to become one of the top, top players.

“It all depends on what happens as a team and how we progress as a team. So it’s not a definite I’m going to stay there forever – but it’s not a no either.”

Spurs reached a Champions League and League Cup final under former manager Mauricio Pochettino before his sacking last year but the squad is in need of a rebuild under Mourinho. Kane, nonetheless remains positive about the future.

“We’ve been saying that for a couple of years now, we have got a fantastic team but for one reason or another we haven’t been able to get the trophies that, when you look from the outside, we’ve got the team to get,” said Kane.

“It’s a hard thing to take as a player. I want to win at everything I do so when we’re coming close and you don’t quite get there it’s hard to take and starts to build up. But from my point of view, and the team’s point of view, all you can do is do everything you can, give your best to win every game, to win trophies. For one reason or another, we haven’t quite got there yet.

“Next year, the gaffer now, it’ll be his first chance to really have a pre-season with the team and embed his values into the team and we’ll see what happens. Of course, I want to win, I want to win team trophies, I want to be doing it sooner rather than later. So we will have to see how it goes.”

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