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US Powerball Lottery

Helio US Powerball Thumbnail Image
Game Type Lottery
Game Provider Helio
Min. Bet $NULL
Max. Bet $NULL

Play US Powerball online now!

Things just got a whole lot more powerful

Something powerful this way comes on EmuCasino! We are proud to add US Powerball to our growing collection of online lottery games. US Powerball is based on the well-renowned US lottery by the same name. This desktop variant of the original preserves many exciting aspects of the original, such as but not limited to an accumulated jackpot as the grand prize. The jackpot is set to a default 40,000,000 and has a trash-hold of 150,000,000.

To begin, choose at least 5 winning numbers from 1-69 along with 1 Bonus Ball number from 1-26. The grand jackpot for US Powerball is denoted by category one, which you can win by matching five numbers along with a Bonus Ball. Note that the minimum and maximum bet values for US Powerball are $0.50 and $3, respectively.

US Powerball features a cool 9 ways that you can win, including the jackpot. Who knows what prize youll go home with? Place your bets with US Powerball before the cut off time (1:59am every Thursday and Sunday) and tune in before the draw time (every Wednesday and Saturday at 10:59pm) to find out! Also included within US Powerball are free spins that you can occasionally be rewarded with based upon your particular payout. You can check within the treasure chest located on the top right hand corner of the screen for any free spins that you are eligible to claim.

US Powerball Screenshot Image