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Take Olympus Slot Game

Betsoft Take Olympus Slot GameThumbnail Image
Game Type Slot Game
Game Provider Betsoft
Max Potential Line 50lines
Number of Reels 5
Min. Bet $0.1
Max. Bet $45
Bonus Game No
Jackpot No

Play Take Olympus online pokie now!

Conquer Mount Olympus and pay your respects to the ancient deities

Marvel at the ethereal environment and unique architecture depicted only in Greek mythologies at Take Olympus. Stroll along the gardens of Mount Olympus, which is also the home of the 12 ancient Gods in Greek mythology. Take Olympus is a 5-reel, 50-payline video slot with life-like graphics that will make you forget you're only playing a game. Play Take Olympus in a no download format straight from EmuCasino.

The symbols you will find in the reels reflect the ancient Greek theme. The lesser paying symbols consist of Zeus' thunderbolt, Poseidon's trident, Hades' Cerberus, Apollo's bow and arrow, and golden leaves. While spinning the reels, you may also find picture symbols consisting of Zeus striking the Earth with a lightning bolt, Poseidon with his trident, Hades in the underworld, Apollo who's about to take a shot with his bow and arrow, and Aphrodite in a marvellous garden.

The objective is to match 5 symbols across the reels from the left. The game pays according to the 50 paylines shown in the paytable, but only the highest win per line pays out. Begin with a small wager of $ 0.1, or go big if you're confident with a maximum wager of $ 40.

When it comes to the graphics, Take Olympus doesn't play. They're presented as if they're made for the big screens. The life-like depictions of the gods are one thing, the backdrop illustrates the gods' residential area, which is unlike any other place in the world. You'll find yourself in the underworld with fires and lava with Hades; a beautiful garden with pillars inspired by Greek architecture with Apollo; an underwater empire with Poseidon; a lush garden with Aphrodite; or high up in the sky with Zeus either when you change your bet amount or after every 10 spins. Things can get serious in Take Olympus, so it's only fitting that you make full use of the special features, which include a Wild, a Multiplier, and Free Spins.

Special Features

Different gods reign over the reels after every 10 spins or when you alter your bet amount. Each god uses its powers to affect your overall winnings.

During Apollo's cycle, the position where the bow and arrow symbol landed will be marked throughout the entire 10 spins. The marked positions will transform into Wilds by the end of the cycle, which can replace any symbols except for Zeus.

The positions are also marked in Aphrodite's cycle and by the end of the 10th spin, a mystery box will appear in those positions to grant one type of regular symbol.

In Poseidon's cycle, the number of Poseidon or Trident symbols appearing during the round contributes to the counter, which will award Free Respins equal to that number by the end of the cycle.

Keep your eyes peeled for Cerberus' symbol during Hades' cycle. Each Cerberus symbol landed on the reels during this cycle will add to the overall Multiplier by the end of the cycle.

The mighty Zeus can take on the other gods' powers. Zeus is a Wild and can appear to represent 4 symbols. If the other gods are present on the reels, Zeus will be benevolent and award 10 Free Spins.

Take Olympus Slot Game Screenshot Image