Dungeon Immortal Evil Slot Game

Game Specifications

Game theme: Action
Slot game type: Video Slot
Max potential line: 1 Line
Number of reels: 5
Bonus game: No
Jackpot game: No
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Also available on mobile

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    Dungeon Immortal Evil Slot Game

    Muster up all your strength and cunning as you liberate this dungeon from evil. Defeat all monsters who dare stand in your way, reap vast stolen riches and go down in the history books as a hero of the tallest order! Dungeon: Immortal Evil is a compellingly unique slot game with 1 row of symbols that will make you feel as if you were immersed in a movie as the role of the hero! Dungeon: Immortal Evil is ready to be played in no download, instant play format directly from your desktop browser on Emu Casino.

    Dungeon: Immortal Evil contains 7 regular symbols, with one special Boss symbol that shows up only during the free dungeon mode and 4 random events. The monsters in this game include a fanged demon, a skeleton, a horned skeleton, a purple demon, a hooded man, a spider, a blue demon, and a fiery demon.

    The goal in Dungeon: Immoral Evil is to defeat monsters to obtain their stolen riches. The total reward that you get is determined by the level of loot, numbers of loot and the kind of monsters that you defeated. The higher the loot, the more you win. The minimum and maximum total bets that you may place in this game are $0.1 and $10, respectively.

    Rare have we witnessed slot graphics as immersive and enchanting as those featured in Dungeon: Immortal Evil. The game features no reels, but rather an armor-clad hero armed with axes, who is animated to rush through the halls slaying monsters. The halls are lit with lanters and feature eloquent statues and pillars. To the right of the screen, you can see snowy mountains. Overall, the game is beautifully animated to seem incredibly lifelike, almost like a video game. The special features in Dungeon: Immortal Evil include a loot system, random events, and Free Spins.

    Special Features:

    The Free Spins mode in Dungeon: Immortal Evil is referred to as ‘Dungeon’. In this ode, the hero will enter the dungeon after finding a portal. The dungeon has seven rooms: six rooms – with monsters in the seventh – with a boss. With room that you manage to pass, you will get a chest with items that you may use to upgrade your hero and increase your chances of survival and beat the final boss.


    The random events include a Mimic, Chest, Big game, and Bad company feature.