Golden Glyph Slot Game

Welcome to ancient Egypt, and may the gods smile upon you

Game Specifications

Game theme: Adventure
Slot game type: Video Slot
Min bet: $ 0.4
Max bet: $ 200
Number of reels: 7
Bonus game: No
Jackpot game: No
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Also available on mobile

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    Golden Glyph Pokie Game

    You have been transported to ancient Egypt and are now at the mercy of the Pharaoh as well as the gods that watch over the kingdom. In your quest to stay alive and find a way back home, you will have to channel your inner Indiana Jones and keep your wits about you. If you manage to win the gods’ favour, you may just find yourself blessed with far more than a return trip to your correct time.

    A video pokie game with 7 reels that utilises the cluster pay system, Golden Glyph perfectly captures the timeless allure of ancient Egypt at the height of its power. Every element is incredibly detailed and visually stunning, creating the impression that one has truly travelled back in time. Perfect for fans of this particular setting, it can be experienced in all its glory on EmuCasino in hassle-free no-download, instant-play format.

    The game’s cluster pay system awards wins when there is a cluster of no less than 5 of the same symbol directly adjacent to one another anywhere on the reels. These winning clusters can form anywhere on the reels and only the highest win per symbol is awarded.

    True to the theme, the symbols on the reels are a mixture of hieroglyphs which include the sign for water, an eye, the ankh and a snake as well as depictions of a Pharaoh, a Queen and the sun god Ra himself. A Wild symbol which looks like a gold W, a Power Wild symbol which resembles a blue orb embedded in a gold circle and a Golden Glyph Wild symbol which brings to mind a royal crest also exist but can only appear on the reels under the right conditions.

    Out of all of them, the highest paying one is naturally Ra who can reward the player with a maximum of $25,000 if at least 15 of his symbol form a cluster. The win amount is naturally affected by the bet value which can range from $0.20 to $100. An auto-play feature with customisable settings is also available to make gameplay even more convenient.

    Boasting an incredibly unique power-up feature that also reflects the game’s chosen theme, Golden Glyph offers a dynamic and exciting gaming experience like no other. Its crisp graphics and stunning animation bring every element and action to life in spectacular fashion, ensuring that every win is a visual treat. Its special features includes Wild symbols, free spins, cascade reels and a power-up feature.

    Special Features:

    There are 3 different types of Wild symbols which can serve as substitutes for regular symbols and are used to form winning clusters in the game. Each of them have specific and different requirements that must be met in order for them to appear on the reels.

    The type that players will most frequently see is the Power Wild symbol which spawns inside a winning cluster every turn. Its unique quality is that it activates a power-up if it helps form a winning cluster.

    The standard Wild symbol which has no additional abilities appears randomly anywhere on the reels when the Golden Scarab power-up is activated by a Power Wild symbol. It can replace all symbols except the other Wild symbol types.

    Last but not least is the Golden Glyph Wild symbol which appears when the Free Spin Bonus power-up is activated. Any win involving it is multiplied by the multiplier indicated on it which starts at 1 and increases by 1 per cascade if the Golden Glyph Wild symbol is involved in 1 or more winning cluster. Unlike the other types of Wild symbols, it does not disappear when it helps to form a winning cluster. Additionally, the symbol will move to a new random location with every subsequent free spin but stay in place if a cascade occurs


    9 free spins and the Golden Glyph Wild symbol are awarded if the Free Spin Bonus power-up is activated by a Power Wild symbol. As this power-up sits at the very top of the power-up bar, triggering it requires 5 consecutive winning clusters involving Power Wild symbols in a single spin. An additional 3 free spins are awarded for every activation of a Free Spin Bonus power-up during a free spin.


    Golden Glyph uses a cascade reel system where the symbols that form a winning cluster are removed from the reels. The empty positions they leave behind will be filled by the symbols above them which will keep falling until there are no more empty positions remaining. If the symbols that fall end up forming new winning clusters, the new wins will be added to the existing win. These symbols will then also be removed and the process will continue until winning clusters stop forming.

    The most unique special feature of this game is its power-up feature which has a total of 4 different power-ups that can make forming winning clusters much easier. With every spin, a total of 5 power-ups can be activated and these can be seen in the special power-up bar on the left side of the reels. With the exception of the last slot on the bar which is always reserved for the Free Spins Bonus power-up, the first 4 slots are filled at random from the other 3 power-up types. The same power-up can appear more than once on the bar and a new set of power-ups are chosen to fill the bar with every new spin.

    The Blaze of Fire power-up which resembles a bomb in a red circle destroys the row and column of the spot where it lands in a cross-section and pays for all the destroyed symbols.

    The Eye of Horus power-up which has the Eye of Horus symbol in a blue circle pays for every appearance of a randomly-chosen low-paying symbol on the reels.