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Classic Bingo Other Game

1X2gaming Classic Bingo Thumbnail Image
Game Type Other Game
Game Provider 1X2gaming
Min. Bet $0.05
Max. Bet $20

Play Classic Bingo online now!

Bingo has always been a frontrunner among classic games and its here at EmuCasino.

Classic Bingo is a simple, fun, easy to understand bingo game at EmuCasino. Bingo has always been a favourite amongst players at EmuCasino as this simple yet fun game is full of anticipation and offers a great chance of winning big. Bingo has been at the forefront of gaming for centuries and with the introduction of Classic Bingo, the streets of EmuCasino just got classier. The objective of Classic Bingo remains the same; you have to match the numbers on the card with the numbers on the randomly chosen balls.

How to play Classic Bingo by 1X2gaming?

Classic Bingo rules are very straight-forward. First, you select the New Card button after which you will be presented with a card with 15 different numbers. If can keep that card if you are satisfied with it or choose to select another card. You can keep changing cards will you find the one you are happy with. Then select as stake level. The betting range for Classic Bingo is relatively wide giving newbies a chance to try it out and enjoy and also giving bingo enthusiasts a good chance of winning big. Players can stake a mere $0.05 all the way up to $20.

After you have decided on a stake you can afford, click on Play. 90 balls are chosen at random and the presenter calls out the numbers as he receives it. You need all 15 numbers on your cards to match and the payout table is designed in such a way that the faster you mark all the numbers, the more you win.

If you manage to match all 15 numbers within the first 40 balls, you win the highest pay out and you need to mark all 15 before the 89th balls comes out to receive any payout at all. In case you do not want to witness all numbers come out, you can click on Turbo to speed up the process or just click Instant to see the instant result.

Classic Bingo is designed in such a way that it considers fun, anticipation and payouts, all in a great mix.

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