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Darts 180 Other Game

1X2gaming Darts 180 Thumbnail Image
Game Type Other Game
Game Provider 1X2gaming
Min. Bet $0.05
Max. Bet $10

Play Darts 180 now!

Enjoy darts and make some money without having to pay for a pint.

Most people are familiar to darts and to many it’s also a hobby, so it was about time EmuCasino introduced a game of virtual darts to add the extra bit of entertainment to its players. The main theme of Darts 180 is to expect where the dart lands on the board. Pull up to the virtual Dart 180 at EmuCasino and see if you can land big.

The game starts by selecting a stake. Players are allowed to stake anything from the floor bet of just €0.05 up to the ceiling bet of €10. After choosing a stake amount you are comfortable with, players need to click on the Green arrow pointing the dart board. Upon clicking it, three virtual darts are thrown on the board.

The scoring system in this darts game is same as any regular. The bulls eye is 50 points, single zones pay as is, doubles zone (closer to the number) scores double and treble zones (closer to the bulls eye) scores three times the points in the area.

On the right there is a payout table which shows the multiplier the player will receive after scoring a certain total. The lowest payout is received when the 3 darts total 40 points. As the total rises, so does the multiplier. The total winning amount depends on your selected level of stake and the multiplier. The highest possible win is a multiplier of a 1000 if you get a total of 180 points.

The graphics are stunning; each symbol and feature of the game is filled with rich colours and is sharply visible. This classic pub game takes over EmuCasino in rejoice to all dart fans.

So give the darts a throw and see what happens.

Darts 180 Screenshot Image