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Ethan Grand: Mayan Diaries Other Game

Evoplay Ethan Grand: Mayan Diaries Other Game Thumbnail Image
Game Type Other Game
Game Provider Evoplay
Min. Bet $0.1
Max. Bet $500

Play Ethan Grand: Mayan Diaries online game now!

Face the mystical mires in an ancient temple of marvels!

An ancient Mayan temple stands tall, shrouded in mystery and draped in shadows. Ethan Grand, the most daring adventurer of our time, embarks on a fearless venture to explore the pristine chambers deep within the temple. You will become his confidant, navigating towards the inner sanctums while avoiding the traps laid by the vile spirits that haunt the temple. As you journey deeper with Ethan, you will uncover historic wonders that shall alter your fate. This game is available to play in a no-download format on both desktop and mobile browsers at EmuCasino.

How to play Ethan Grand: Mayan Diaries by Evoplay?

Click on the start button to play the game. You will be given three choices of roads on the screen. Choose the road you would like to move or click the Random button, and the round begins. If Ethan falls into a trap, you lose your bet. If he manages to get through, you'll get a multiplier prize. The bet multipliers are shown on a timeline at the top. Keep track of the timeline and its completion, and decide carefully if you want to take further risks and move further or cash out your winnings. The minimum bet in this game is $1 and the maximum bet is $50.

The visuals of Ethan Grand: Mayan Diaries feature an RPG-style design within the intricate labyrinth of an ancient temple. Ethan Grand navigates through the inner sections, showcasing his athletic abilities as he runs, jumps and climbs over obstacles. The colored crystals ahead represent the prizes, which come with win multipliers. If you manage to win five rounds consecutively, you can advance to the bonus game.

The bonus features in Ethan Grand: Mayan Diaries

Win 5 rounds in a row to access the bonus feature. During the feature, you will place your bet on whether Ethan will be able to open the rare chest or not. The chest is placed in a secret room in the temple's backyard. If you open the chest lock consisting of 5 circles, you will win. At any moment, if the key breaks you lose your bet. You have 3 keys for 5 circles, and you'll need to rotate the circles to help Ethan unlock the chest.

Ethan Grand: Mayan Diaries Other Game Screenshot Image