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Penalty Shoot-Out Other Game

Evoplay Penalty Shoot-Out Other Game Thumbnail Image
Game Type Other Game
Game Provider Evoplay
Min. Bet $0.13
Max. Bet $65

Play Penalty Shoot-Out online now!

Take a shot on this virtual simulation of a Penalty Shoot-Out at EmuCasino stadium.

EmuCasino presents a brilliant arcade game that soccer fanatics are sure to love and if youve never been good at taking a shot from the penalty spot, this is your chance to shoot, score, save and win. Play with your favourite team, with your favourite players in your favourite sport. Penalty Shoot-Out can be enjoyed by players in an instant play mode directly via your internet browsers at EmuCasino.

How to play Penalty Shoot-Out by Evoplay?

Penalty Shoot-Out is a virtual Penalty Shoot-Out soccer game where you place bets on a penalty goal or save. Players are able to choose the team and the team members who will be taking part in this game. The objective depends on whether you have placed bets on a player scoring or missing a goal; if youve placed a bet on a player scoring a goal, youll be the player and you need to direct the ball in the correct direction to score. If you have placed a bet on a player missing the goal, then youll play the virtual role of a goal keeper and dive in the correct direction to make a save.

You start by choosing your favourite team among a list of top soccer clubs in the world. After choosing a team, the game will randomly select 5 players from the team. If you arent happy with the selected players, you can click on New Players after which another 5 random players from the same team will be chosen.

Players will have to place bets on whether a player will score a penalty shot or miss a penalty shot. The minimum bet per player is {{csym}} 0.10 and the maximum bet allowed is {{csym}} 50.00. The payouts are determined by various factors such as the players ability to score, the goalkeepers difficulty level etc. The return for the players goal or miss for the stake amount is clearly displayed. Players are able to place bets on just one or all 5 players, depending on how sporty they feel.

After placing all bets and predicting outcomes, players can add it to the betting slip. If satisfied, they can place the bets and enjoy a play a simple game of football. If youve predicted the outcome of the player to score, youll have to choose between three directions to shoot the ball; you lose if the ball is saved and win if you score. Similarly, on a miss prediction, you become the goalkeeper and direct on the direction to dive for a save; if you predict correctly, you win and if the opposition scores, you lose.

Penalty Shoot-Out is a fantastic game for any player who wants to test their skills on the pitch.

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