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Perfect Fishing Other Game

Evoplay Perfect Fishing Other Game Thumbnail Image
Game Type Other Game
Game Provider Evoplay
Number of Reels 5
Min. Bet $0.1
Max. Bet $750
Bonus Game No
Jackpot No

Play Perfect Fishing online game now!

Reel in a whopping fortune with the golden fish!

You shall wield a fishing rod like a maestro with a baton, casting it to the depths of a lake where the catch of a lifetime lurks free. The lake is deemed by many as a fishing gold mine for the elusive golden fish that it breeds in its magical depths. These golden fish are every fisherman's dream catch. Take your shot at it in Perfect Fishing, an instant game that requires you to master the art of angling to seek the piscatorial treasures that promise bountiful harvests. This game is available to play in a no-download format on both desktop and mobile browsers at EmuCasino.

How to play Perfect Fishing by Evoplay?

To begin playing the game, place your bet first. The minimum bet in this game is $0.10, and the maximum bet is $50. After placing your bet, click on the Play button to throw the bait into the water. You can then use the fish sign to hook a fish and reel it out of the water. If you catch a fish, you earn a 2x win multiplier. You can then collect your winnings or continue fishing further for higher win multipliers. However, if you fail to catch a fish, you lose your winnings and your bet. Catch 10 fish in a row to earn a maximum win multiplier of 1024x.

The visuals of Perfect Fishing take you on a lucrative excursion into the beautiful creation of Mother Earth. With tall mountains and green trees surrounding the lake, unparalleled tranquility heightens your concentration as you cast your rod. You can see shoals of fish swimming around in the lake. Catching one from the shoal can be a simple task, but the question remains: Can you find the Golden Fish?

The bonus features in Perfect Fishing

There is a chance that you will catch the Golden Fish at any moment. In this case, you will win the 1024x win multiplier right away and end the round.

Perfect Fishing Other Game Screenshot Image