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Boxes Other Game

Hacksaw Boxes Game Thumbnail Image
Game Type Other Game
Game Provider Hacksaw Gaming
Min. Bet $0.2
Max. Bet $1000

Can You Trust Your Instincts in Boxes?

Boxes where minesweeper meets pyramid solitaire. If youre getting tired of endlessly spinning reels and seeing the same few icons, you can change up your gaming session today with a unique new game concept Boxes! Developed by Hacksaw Gaming, Boxes does away with tradition and instead brings together a fusion of several different games. Despite being fairly minimalistic, both in its graphic designs as well as its theme, Boxes is still able to bring to the table a refreshingly fun experience, one in which players might need to learn to follow their instincts.

Whats the Objective in Boxes?

The game starts off with players selecting an amount to wager from $0.20 to $1,000, before clicking on the BET button at the bottom right of the screen. Even though the game screen would remain largely the same as before you placed your bet (showing a pyramid of dark boxes), the very last row of the pyramid of boxes would light up in a lighter blue hue. Amongst these boxes, players would need to pick one, which would then flip over to show if youve selected a diamond or a bomb. Flipping over a bomb box would immediately end the game, but if you receive a diamond, you can choose to either continue selecting boxes from the lines above until you hit a bomb or get to the very last line, or conversely, you can also choose to collect your winnings at any time by tapping on the COLLECT button at the bottom right of the screen.

Every time you click on a diamond, you can check how much you would be able to collect by looking at the bar at the bottom left of the playing field. The numbers at the top of the game also indicate the current multiplier that has been applied to your bet, as well as the number of bombs in the next line.

Players can change the settings of the game by clicking on the gear button at the rightmost bottom corner of the screen, where they can select the number of rows and the difficulty of the game. Having more rows would increase the potential payout of the game, whereas difficulty levels would affect the number of mines in a single row. Players can experiment to see which kinds of settings fit their playstyle the best.

Boxes Game Screenshot Image