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Mines Other Game

Hacksaw Mines Other Game Thumbnail Image
Game Type Other Game
Game Provider Hacksaw Gaming
Min. Bet $0.2
Max. Bet $1000

Relive Your Childhood with Mines

When you picture Mines, just think of Minesweeper, but with a twist. If youve grown up with the old classic Minesweeper game, youll know that the most important rule is to never click on the mines but what if every time you selected a safe tile, you got paid instead? Well, thats essentially how Mines has been designed! Developed by Hacksaw Gaming to be a minimalistic and straightforward game, Mines is the perfect addition of variety to your gaming session.

How to Win at Mines by Hacksaw Gaming?

The premise of Mines is simple all youll need to do is set a bet amount anywhere between $0.20 and $1,000, click on the BET button at the bottom left of the playing field, and start selecting tiles. Two kinds of icons will appear when you flip the squares, which are diamonds or, you guessed it, mines depicted as bombs. Players who receive diamonds will have the choice to either continue selecting other tiles or collect their prize money. To know how much youll be awarded, there is a bar at the top of the screen where you would be able to see the multiplier that is applied to your wager if you opt to collect your reward. Conversely, you could also be able to know how much is due to you by looking at the amount next to your current balance, marked as Collectable. The moment a tile with a bomb is selected however, the round ends.

Players can also choose to customize the game to their preferences by selecting the gear icon next to the BET button. Here theyll be able to choose the grid size, or otherwise known as the amount of tiles that will be displayed on the screen, as well as the number of mines there will be in the game. Games with a higher chance of hitting a mine will have a higher payout rate, and vice versa.

Mines Other Game Screenshot Image