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Old West Scratch Game

Evoplay Old West Scratch Game Thumbnail Image
Game Type Instant Wins
Game Provider Evoplay
Min. Bet $0.1
Max. Bet $400

Play Old West online scratch game now!

Yee-Haw! Saddle up for glory in an instant thrill experience!

The Old West square is an arena that has witnessed the rising and falling fortunes of many a cowboy. As you head to this fortuitous square, you will equip yourself with the cowboy spirit. Here, you will scratch away the layers of a wooden board and reveal symbols that encapsulate the essence of the Wild West. Get ready for a frontier spectacle in Old West, a scratch game where you shall shout out victorious cries of yee-haws to celebrate your wins. This game is available to play in a no-download format on both desktop and mobile browsers at EmuCasino.

How to play Old West by Evoplay?

The symbols of Old West include a cactus, a lasso, a quiver, boots, a saddle, a pistol, a skull, a headdress, a hat and a sheriff's badge.

The objective in Old West is to get three identical symbols anywhere on the board. You can simply press the play button to scratch the board and reveal symbols. Just make sure you input the desired bet amount before you click the play button. The minimum amount you can bet is $0.10, whereas the maximum amount allowed by the game is $50.

The visuals of Old West encapsulate the key elements of the Wild West. In the background, a silent desert town stretches, while a barrel full of gold coins rests beside the central square. A vulture wearing the sheriff's badge is perched on a wooden post to the left of the board, welcoming you to scratch away the thick layer of dust and horseshoe prints. As you reveal several images crucial to the Wild West, the essence of this rugged frontier comes to life.

The bonus features in Old West

Unfortunately, there are no bonus features in the game.

Old West Scratch Game Screenshot Image