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Frogs Scratch Game

Hacksaw Frogs Scratch Game Thumbnail Image
These frogs know how to have a good time.
Game Type Instant Wins
Game Provider Hacksaw Gaming
Min. Bet $2.5
Max. Bet $2.5

Play Frogs Scratch online scratch card now!

Congratulations, you’ve just stumbled across some very special frogs indeed; these little green guys are deceptively wise and know how to lead you to some exquisite rewards. So, tag along with them as they unveil all the joy and magic of frog life before unveiling some potentially monumental winnings before your very eyes! This game may very well make it so that you never look at frogs the same way again.

How to play Frogs Scratch by Hacksaw Gaming

The goal in this game involves matching 3 symbols; the prize will be equal to that stated in the symbol. To begin playing, press the ‘Buy’ button to buy a new card. Then, either scratch the cards manually or press the ‘Scratch All’ button to reveal all the symbols. Note that this game comes with 12 different categories of prizes, with the top prize being $250,000.

Frogs Scratch Game Screenshot Image