Chinese Roulette

You are destined to follow the path to riches and it leads to Chinese Roulette.

Game Specifications

Min bet: $ 0.25
Max bet: $ 100
Bonus game: No
Jackpot game: No

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    Chinese Roulette

    Spin the wheel of Chinese roulette and you may win bets with excellent luck attached. This unique roulette game on a has all the elements of a roulette game but only involves all the Chinese Zodiac sign also known as Sheng Xiao. The Chinese luck has cast itself over EmuCasino through this great table game representing a great Chinese tradition. This peculiar looking roulette game is all about the Chinese zodiacs and seasons and elements and energies. The symbols, meaning zodiacal signs are imaged at its wheel and table mark instead of the common numbers.

    Chinese Roulette is an online roulette at EmuCasino, and its wheel is divided into thirteen sectors twelve Chinese zodiac signs and an infinity sign instead of zero. These can be considered as the Inside bets.

    The signs are marked with different colors at the table mark. Every sign means each element fire (red), terra (green), water (blue), air (white). Moreover, all the cells are red (positive) or black (negative). These are the Outside bets. The aim in Chinese Roulette is same as any other Roulette; to guess the sector where the ball is going to stop and make the proper bet.

    Before you start researching on which Chinese sign represents you, first you need to select a chip size first. Players can select a small size chip, minimum $0.25 and the largest chip size $100. The main astrological signs pay 111. The seasons spring, summer, autumn and winter pay 31, all the elements pay 31 and the positive or negative energies pays 11.

    Bet big or small, if it hits your lucky number, celebrate with Chinese Roulette table game round wins. The Chinese celebrate their New Year with great festivity and dedicate every New Year to an animal. EmuCasino dedicates all these twelve animals to you in the form of Chinese Roulette.