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Poker Dice Table Game

1X2gaming Poker Dice Thumbnail Image
Game Type Table Game
Game Provider 1X2gaming
Min. Bet $0.05
Max. Bet $50

Play Poker Dice online now!

Leave fate in the hands of 5 dices and see where fortune takes you.

EmuCasino introduces this simple and immensely fun game that takes traditional poker rules and dices it up to create Poker Dice. Poker Dice is a dice game which is simulated in a poker format where you need to follow the card sequences of poker not on cards but on dices.

How to play Poker Dice by 1X2gaming?

The rules of Poker Dice are very simple and the objective is more familiar than you might think; you need the highest possible poker hand. You start by selecting a stake level which ranges from $0.05 and limits at $50. After selecting a stake level, you click Play and you will throw 5 dices on the table.

Each of the dices have the top six card ranks on each side so each side will have either a 9, 10, J, Q, K or an Ace. After 5 dices are thrown, the result of your throw which is randomly generated will appear on the top. You can check you result with the payout chart displayed on the top right.

The lowest card combination that you require for a payout is a Pair of Aces which pays 0.5 times your initial stake. The highest pay of 50x is won if you manage to roll a Golden Royal which is a 10, J, Q, K and an Ace on the dices.

The game is very simple to play. You have a table laid in a very simple format in front of you and the navigation bar is at the side of the table which controls the bet amount and the Play.

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