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Six Shooter Table Game

1X2gaming Six Shooter Thumbnail Image
Game Type Table Game
Game Provider 1X2gaming
Min. Bet $0.1
Max. Bet $100

Play Six Shooter online now!

How fast and accurate can you shoot dices? Test your skills at EmuCasino.

Everyone loved the great dice game Sharp Shooter; now to level things up, EmuCasino presents Six Shooter. The Dice Wars heat up at EmuCasino as Six Shooter required you to shoot faster and more accurately; although this is a demanding game, its exalted difficulty level is offset by its improved payouts. Six Shooter certainly delivers a higher level of entertainment and anticipation than its predecessor. Six Shooter is an online dice game available for instantly play through your web browser at EmuCasino.

How to play Six Shooter by 1X2gaming?

Six Shooter follows the same rules and objectives as Sharp Shooter; shoot down the dices of the Croupier by rolling the same number on his dices but unlike three dices in Sharp Shooter, the Croupier employees six dices. You start the game by placing the ante bet. At the bottom you have a set of chips which are the stake options for this game. The smallest chip denomination is $0.10 and the $100 chip being the largest chip size.

After youve selected a chip and placed it on the betting area you click on roll. The Croupier will then throw 6 dices on the table and those six numbers on the dices will be your target. Now you get 3 chances to roll three dices and each time you roll a dice that matches one of the numbers on the Croupiers dices, you shoot one down. The objective it to shoot down all 6 of the croupiers dices in 3 or lesser dice rows. For example if the croupier rolls a 3-2-5-5-1-6, you need to throw the same numbers at some point of your three tries to win.

The payouts depend on how quick you are able to match the numbers in all three dices. If you match the exact dice roll on the first shot, your payout is 12-1. If you win on the second roll it pays 8-5 and if you shoot all three dices before your third chance ends it pays, 2 times your bet. The right hand side of the screen displays all the previous rolls in the current round so it is easier to keep track of the game.

So if you think you are tough enough to match the 6 dices using every dice you can lay your hands on, try Six Shooter.

Six Shooter Screenshot Image