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Three Card Poker

1X2gaming Three Card Poker Thumbnail Image
Game Type Table Game
Game Provider 1X2gaming
Min. Bet $0.1
Max. Bet $100

Three Card Poker

Play a simple game of poker where your luck and instinct go hand in hand.

Three Card Poker is a simpler version of Poker which is arguably the most popular card game in the gambling world. EmuCasino offers Three Card Poker in practice mode so that beginners get familiar with its rules and the game can also be played in Real Money for some real wins directly through the web browser.

How to play Three Card Poker by 1X2gaming

This exciting 6 deck poker variant is based on hands consisting of three cards and all cards are ranked according to their poker value. The objective is to have a 3-card poker combination better than that of the dealers.

Upon start up, players will notice a row of various chip sizes. Players must select a chip size and place it on ante first. The smallest chip size is $0.10 therefore being the minimum bet amount and the largest chip size is $100. Players also have the option to place a bet on Pair Plus before the cards are dealt. While placing chips on Pair Plus, players bet that they will have a poker combination that is higher than a single pair and pays are independent of the dealers hand.

After clicking deal, all 3 of your cards will be immediately revealed and if you have a better combination than a pair, you will win your Pair Plus bet automatically with pays according to the paytable. If you think you have a good chance then you can call your bet, which essentially means raising a bet amount equal to the ante bet amount and the dealers hand will be revealed. If you arent happy with your current hand, you can Fold and forfeit your ante bet.

The dealer has to have a Queen of higher in order to qualify for the game. If the dealer doesnt quality, you win evens on your Ante and the raise is returned. If you beat the dealer, then you receive evens on your Ante and the raise is paid out with the odds of 1 to 1 as well.

Three Card Poker also has the bonus bet option, which allows you greater return on your game if you should pull in an exceptional win. Bonus winning depends you hand combination and are paid in addition for a Straight, three of a kind and Straight Flush.

It only takes a couple of hands to realise how fast-paced and well rewarding Three Card Poker is. Enjoy!

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