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American Blackjack Table Game

Betsoft American Blackjack Table Game Thumbnail Image
Game Type Table Game
Game Provider Betsoft
Min. Bet $1
Max. Bet $100

Play American Blackjack now!

Experience American Blackjack at its finest!

Welcome to a masterpiece that captures the aura and excitement of one of the most revered Blackjack variations in the world. If you’re a fan of American Blackjack and are looking for a gaming experience that is both realistic and that comes with smooth gameplay, you’re in luck! American Blackjack is ready to be played in no download instant play format directly from your desktop or mobile browser on EmuCasino.

The objective in this game entails defeating the dealer by obtaining a value that is closer to 21 than that of the dealer but not exceeding 21 points. If either you or the dealer obtains a hand value that exceeds 21 points this will result in a ‘Bust’ which translates into a loss. To obtain a value exactly equal to 21 is called a ‘Blackjack’ and is the highest value you can attain. You also have an option to place a side bet called ‘Insurance’; this is equal to half the initial bet and is available immediately after a Deal if the dealer’s face up card turns out to be an Ace.

Insurance is also available for each player’s hand in the game. Each Insurance bet will win if the Dealer obtains a Blackjack. Note that the RTP (Return To Player) in this game is 99.60%. Note that a Blackjack pays 3:1 your bet, Insurance pays 2:1, and a win will pay 1:1. If there is a tie your bet will be returned; this is called a ‘Push’.

This game comes with 4 decks of cards, with each deck holding 52 cards. The cards will be shuffled before each game. If any player obtains a Blackjack and wins they will stop playing further. For each player’s hand which is still in the game the player may perform one of 4 available options: ‘Stand’, ‘Hit’, ‘Double’ or ‘Split’. If your hand equals 21, Stand is automatically carried out. If your hand exceeds 21, you lose. If the dealer’s total hand value turns out to be less than 17, they will draw another card.

The sharp graphics in this game give a remarkably realistic and compelling depiction of a Blackjack table. The table is colored in soothing dark blue and comes with buttons and indicators neatly arranged to guide you on where to click to choose a bet and start playing. The playing chips in the game are neatly color coded and arranged at the far end of the table. Overall, this game’s appearance is sure to enthrall any Blackjack enthusiast.

American Blackjack Table Game Screenshot Image