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Supreme 777 Jackpots Table Game

Betsoft Supreme 777 Jackpots Table Game Thumbnail Image
Game Type Table Game
Game Provider Betsoft
Min. Bet $1
Max. Bet $500

Play Supreme 777 Jackpots online table game now!

Let Triple 7's guide you to Megafortune!

Gear up for an intense table game where numbers decide your fate. High stakes, high risks, exhilarating vibe, joy of winning; encounter everything in this game of multi-hand Blackjack. Supreme 777 Jackpots is a table game that will deliver you the adrenaline rush of sitting at an exquisite casino table. Can you hit the fortuitous combo of three sevens and grab yourself big wins?

How to play Supreme 777 Jackpots by Betsoft?

Supreme 777 jackpots will allow you to play up to 3 simultaneous hands of Blackjack. The minimum and maximum bets in this game are $1 and $500 respectively.

After placing your bet, you will be dealt with two cards face-up and the dealer will also receive two cards, one faced up and one faced down. In this game, Aces count as either 1 or 11, dressed cards as 10 and remaining cards as per their numeric values. If your first two cards land a value of 21, you have Blackjack. Considering the values of your and the dealer's cards, you must choose to either Hit or Stand. Choosing Hit will add another card to your hand and increase its value. You will end your turn if you choose to Stand and your hand value stays the same.

You may get to choose Double Down if you get the values 9, 10 or 11, which will multiply your initial bet by 2x and add only one card to your hand. You can also choose to Split your cards once into separate hands if the dealt cards are of the same value. You will need to place an additional bet equal to your initial bet, after which you can play both hands separately. You may only add one card each if you Split a pair of aces. Also, if one of your hands totals 21 after splitting aces, it will not be considered a Blackjack.

The objective in Supreme 777 Jackpots is to ensure your hand value does not exceed 21. You go Bust and lose your bet if it exceeds 21. After you complete your turns, the dealer will reveal the face-down card and add cards until the value is 17 or more. If your hand value is higher than the dealer's but not exceeding 21, you win. If your hand value is the same as the dealer's, it is a Push and your bet is returned. However, if the dealer's hand value is higher than yours but not more than 21, you lose your bet. You will receive 1.5x and 1x payouts on Blackjack wins and normal wins, respectively.

The bonus features in Supreme 777 Jackpots

You can place Supreme 777 Jackpot Side Bets at the beginning of each round to successfully win the Progressive Jackpots i.e., Minor, Major and Grand Jackpots, available on top of the table. Also, you can grab other attractive winnings up to 100x the bet. You need to secure 7's in your hands to win Jackpot Side Bets. Note that splitting the hand will forfeit the Jackpot Side Bets. Check the paytable for further details.

You can also place Perfect Pairs Side Bets at the beginning of each round which earns you multipliers up to 25x the bet. You need to land the same value cards of the same or different colors to win Perfect Pairs Side Bets. Check the paytable for further details.

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