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Three Card Rummy Table Game

Betsoft Three Card Rummy Other Game Thumbnail Image
Game Type Table Game
Game Provider Betsoft
Min. Bet $1
Max. Bet $500

Play Three Card Rummy online now!

Three Card Rummy is a game many online gamers prefer mostly because the game is unique and interesting. The 3D effects and the virtual gaming experience are such that you will not leave this table game. EmuCasino offers Three Card Rummy in practice mode so that beginners get familiar with its rules and the game can also be played in Real Money directly through the web browser. A very good reason this game is called unique is unlike most card games, where you try and get the highest ranking combination possible, but in this table game, the scoring system is such that one has to aim to accumulate minimum points.

This exciting single deck poker variant is based on hands consisting of three cards and all cards are ranker according to their poker value, except aces are always low. The objective is to have fewer points than the dealer. First, you will place your Ante wager in order to start the game. This bet can be between $1.00 chips up to $500.00 size chips maximum depending on your budget. After placing the ante, you’ll be dealt three cards face up, while the dealer gets his face down. If you don’t think you’re going to have a card value lower than the dealer’s then you can fold and lose your Ante.

If you think you have a good chance then you can raise your bet (with a minimum amount matching the Ante) and the dealer’s hand will be revealed. The dealer has to have a point value of 20 or less to qualify for the game. If the dealer doesn’t quality you win evens on your Ante and the raise is returned. If you beat the dealer then you receive evens on your Ante and the raise is paid out at the odds shown in the Pay Table for that game.

Three card rummy also has the bonus bet option, which allows you greater return on your game if you should pull in an exceptional win. Bonus winning depends on your hand total. A maximum card total of 12 will win you’re your bonus with a pay of 4 to 1. A suited Ace, 2 and 3 pays 100 to 1. All the payout break downs are available through the ‘Help’ section.

You need to play a couple of hands first in this game to know how addictive as well as rewarding it can be. Don’t miss out on Three Card Rummy at EmuCasino.

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