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Triple Edge Poker Table Game

Betsoft Triple Edge Poker Other Game Thumbnail Image
Game Type Table Game
Game Provider Betsoft
Min. Bet $0.05
Max. Bet $25

Play Triple Edge Poker online now!

Here’s a great game that simplifies poker nevertheless taking it to another level. It’s sure to match your wallet and ease off the pressure of playing poker but definitely rewards handsomely. You place your bets and the dealer deals 3 cards to you and 3 cards to himself. You can either raise or fold judging on the hand you have.

You need to get a better hand than the dealer to win and your payouts depend on how strong your hand is. A win with three of a kind would give you odds of 4 to 1. You also have an option of side bets at Triple Edge Poker. Place your chips in the Pair Plus box and get better payouts. The same three of a kind at Pair Plus would give out payouts of 30 to 1. You can place your chips in 3 different bet markers and play or fold depending on your hand.

Enjoy this three card poker triumph.

Triple Edge Poker Other Game Screenshot Image