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European Roulette Table Game

Evoplay European Roulette Table Game Thumbnail Image
Game Type Table Game
Game Provider Evoplay
Min. Bet $1
Max. Bet $1000

Play European Roulette online now!

A timeless classic makes its return!

With its roots reaching all the way back to 17th century Europe, European Roulette has become synonymous with traditional gambling and has become a staple of casinos worldwide. European Roulette derives much of its popularity from the many bets that players can place on it as well as from its ability to deliver huge wins with relatively small bets. Here at EmuCasino, we offer you traditional European roulette in its purest form, playable in no download, instant play format directly from your web or mobile browser.

How to play European Roulette by Evoplay?

The main objective in European Roulette is to guess where the ball will drop upon spinning the wheel. There are a total of 37 cells to choose from, including a zero. The roulette betting table is divided into 26 sections, coloured red and black, with the 37th section (Zero) coloured green. The minimum and maximum bet values featured in European Roulette are 1 and 100, respectively.

To begin playing European Roulette, first set your bet level by selecting a chip value (1 to 25) and placing it on one of the positions on the board. Note that you may bet on more than one position simultaneously. For example, you can place a bet on all blacks while also having a bet on a red 7. Once you are satisfied with the bet values that you have chosen, click on the spin icon on the lower right corner to spin the wheel and await the result. If the ball falls into a position or category of outside bets, then you win!

The payouts for European Roulette are as follows: a Straight/Single bet pays 35:1, a Split plays 17:1, a Street pays 11:1, a Corner pays 8:1, a Six Line pays 5:1, a Column pays 2:!, a Dozen pays 2:!, a Red/Black pays 1:1, an Even/Odd pays 1:!. A High/Low pays 1:1, a Neighbor bet pays 35:1, and a Tier pays 17:1.

When it comes to graphics, European Roulette excels past our every expectation! The incredibly realistic board, wheel and chip designs provides for an immersive online roulette experience like none other! The background is of a luxurious carpet design of the kind that you might see at a high-end land based casino. Indeed, any fan of roulette would be doing themselves a disservice by not trying out this timeless masterpiece!

European Roulette Table Game Thumbnail Image