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Blackjack 3 Hand Table Game

Habanero Blackjack 3 Hand  Table Game Thumbnail Image
Game Type Table Game
Game Provider Habanero
Min. Bet $20
Max. Bet $1000
Bonus Game No
Jackpot No

Play Blackjack 3 Hand online slot now!

A timeless classic!

Blackjack 3 Hand keeps the standard ruleset that lovers of classic Blackjack are fond of but allows you to bet on up to 3 hands per game! This extra addition to the game makes it that much more exciting and we wholeheartedly recommend that any fan of Classic Blackjack try 3 Hand Blackjack in no download, instant play format on EmuCasino!

How to play Blackjack 3 Hand by Habanero?

Played with 5 standard 52-card decks, the main objective in Blackjack 3 Hand is to obtain a higher card value total than that of the dealer. The minimum and maximum bet values allowed in Blackjack 3 Hand are 20 and 1,000, respectively. Note that Blackjack 3 Hand offers a Return to Player (RTP) of 99.60%. You can set your desired bet value by using the left and right arrow keys next to the chip icon located on the bottom left of the table.

To begin playing Blackjack 3 Hand, first choose the chip value that you would like to bet with. Next, place the chip on a bet position on the Blackjack table by clicking on at least one of the Place Bet positions. Once you have placed a chip and would like to increase the bet, click on the same chip that you have chosen. Once you are satisfied with the bet that you have set, click Deal to play your hand. You and the dealer will be dealt 1 and 2 cards, respectively. You then have the options of hitting or standing. Splitting and or Doubling are allowed only when certain cards are dealt and conditions are met, commensurate with the rules. You also have the option of taking insurance whenever the dealer reveals an Ace. Once the game has ended and you wish to repeat your last bet, click Rebet. If, however, you wish to clear your bet and start anew, click on New Game.

Blackjack 3 Hand features sharp graphics that add an element of realism to the gameplay; you can just imagine the smooth surface of the table and wooden texture due to the superb graphics. The Blackjack table is set against a pitch black background, which provides an elegant contrast, making the Blackjack table the center of attention. Indeed, Blackjack 3 Hand is a real treat for any Blackjack enthusiast!

Blackjack 3 Hand  Table Game Screenshot Image