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Caribbean Hold'em Table Game

Habanero Caribbean Holdem Table Game Thumbnail Image
Game Type Table Game
Game Provider Habanero
Min. Bet $0.2
Max. Bet $100

Play Carribean Hold’em online now!

Carribean Hold’em offers an action packed poker game that uses two card hands along with five community cards, while borrowing elements from well-known favourites such as baccarat and blackjack.

The main goal in Carribean Hold’em is to obtain a stronger hand than the dealer’s, which is less risky than video poker variations that are played against other players. The minimum and maximum bets featured in Carribean Hold’em are $10.00 and $1,000, respectively. Note that all plays are voided in the case of a malfunction and the Return to Player (RTP) of this game is 96.80%.

To begin playing, you must first select the chip value with which you would like to bet and then clicking on the Ante position. Once you have selected and placed your chip, you can click on the initial chip to increase your bet. Once you are ready to play the hand, click on ‘Deal’.Before the cards are dealt, you must first place an Ante bet, after which point you will receive 2 cards faced up and the dealer will receive 2 cards faced down. 3 community cards will then be dealt, after which the player must decide either to ‘Call’ or ‘Fold’. Selecting ‘Fold’ will cause the player to lose his Ante bet, which ends the game. By selecting ‘Call’, a wager that is equivalent to twice the Ante bet will be placed. The last 2 community cards (also referred to as The Turn and The River) will be dealt and the dealer will reveal his 2 cards.

In order to qualify, the dealer obtain a pair of 4’s or higher. If the dealer does not obtain 4’s or better, he won’t qualify and must pay even money on the Ante bet and then the ‘Call’ bet will be given back to the player. In the case of the dealer qualifying and beating the player, the player will lose the ‘Call’ and Ante bets. If the player and dealer have a draw, both the ‘Call’ and Ante bets will push. If the player beats the dealer, the player will be paid according to the Ante paytable and the ‘Call’ bet will award the same amount of money.

The graphics featured in Carribean Hold’em are superbly sharp, you can just imagine the smooth texture of the table and sleek feel of the wooden outer edges. The pitch black background provides an outstanding contrast that bring the visuals in this game to life! Indeed, this game will give you a Carribean Hold’em experience like none other! So visit EmuCasino and enjoy Carribean Hold’em directly from your desktop or mobile browser in no download, instant play format on EmuCasino!

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