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Three Card Poker Table Game

Habanero Three Card Poker Table Game Thumbnail Image
Game Type Table Game
Game Provider Habanero
Min. Bet $0.2
Max. Bet $100

Play Three Card Poker online now!

Three Card Poker is a video poker variation that has gained much popularity due to its simple yet fun gameplay. Played with a standard 52-card deck and incorporating elements of both luck and strategy, Three Card Poker is ready to be played in no download, instant play format on EmuCasino!

Three Card Poker is presented with sleek graphics that give all of the visual elements in the game a realistic feel— the smooth texture of the poker table is brought to beautifully captured, for instance. This is set behind a pitch black background that provides amazing contrast. Played with a standard 52-card deck, the main objective in Three Card Poker is to obtain a higher scoring card than that of the dealer. The minimum floor and maximum ceiling bets allowed in Three Card Poker are $10.00 and $500, respectively. You can set your desired bet values by using the left and right arrow keys next to the chip icon situated below the poker table. Note also that the Return to Player (RTP) of this game is 97.68%. Ranked from highest to lowest in payout value, the hand rankings recognized in Three Card Poker are as follows: a Straight Flush, a Three of a Kind, a Straight. A Flush, a One Pair and a High Card.

To begin playing Three Card Poker, first start by choosing the chip values with which you would like to place a bet. To place your bet(s), select the Ante position or pair position or both. Once you’ve placed your chip, click on the chip that you have chosen to increase the bet amount. To reset the previous bet, click on ‘Undo’. To reset all bets that you have placed, click on ‘Clear Bets’. Once you are satisfied with the bet values that you have set, click ‘Deal’ to play your hand. Once the game has finished, you can either select ‘Rebet’ to repeat your last bet or ‘New Game’ to reset your previous bet for the next game.

Three Card Poker Table Game Screenshot Image