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Premier Roulette Table Game

Microgaming Premier Roulette Table Game Thumbnail Image
Game Type Table Game
Game Provider Microgaming
Min. Bet $0.25
Max. Bet $1000

Play Premier Roulette online now!

Just as Roulette is considered among the most elegant casino game, Premier Roulette is the most elegant of online Roulette games. Premier Roulette takes online roulette to a new level by giving the online roulette players choices and options that never existed before. EmuCasino provides the option of Practice Play for you to get familiar with all the additional attributes that the game provides but experienced roulette players can head straight to real play mode to gather great payouts.

The game features a standard European roulette wheel which has just one zero and therefore gives the house a lower edge than games using an American roulette wheel, which is good news for players everywhere. The way players bet in this game doesn’t change. They choose chip size from $0.25 up to $1,000. But the betting options in the game and the ability to change various settings and options is what defines the “Premier” in Premier Roulette. In addition to placing bets manually on inside and outside bets, players can also make group bets through various call bets like red and black splits and neighbour bets.

A Neighbour Bet is a bet on a particular roulette number and on its “neighbours”, meaning the numbers next to it on the roulette wheel (as opposed to the roulette table). Call bets are group of bets based on the positions on the Roulette table. On the bottom let of the screen, players can place their mouse buttons on the top of a bet option and see what groups are available as they are highlighted on the betting table.

The most attractive feature of this game is the ability to change the table, the zoom in table which zooms into the winning number after the wheel stops spinning, win detail feature that is the most essential feature for the players who stake a number of and different sorts of bets. The win details displayed include the payout ratio, amount that has been won, amount betted and the bets that have won.

The highest payout on an inside bet is a win on a Straight Up bet (single number bet); it pays 35:1. On an outside bet, players get 1:1 on an even money bet (odds/even, red/black) and 2:1 on a column or dozen bet.

Online Premier Roulette is a wonderful game with more colourful graphics, more choices, and more special features than any other online roulette game. Choose Premier Roulette and EmuCasino for the finest combination.

Premier Roulette Screenshot Image