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Jacks or Better Video Poker

iSoftbet Jacks or Better Video Poker Thumbnail Image
Game Type Video Poker
Game Provider iSoftBet
Min. Bet $0.01
Max. Bet $1

Play Jacks or Better online game now!

Master the art of drawing cards in a perfect blend of strategy and chance!

Lying amidst the cacophony of slot machines and the buzz of excited chatter, a simple and archaic video poker machine stands out with its allure. Even the most seasoned gamblers in this grand casino know better than to overlook it. Join the ranks of the elite with Jacks or Better, a video poker game where you can employ the greatest poker strategies to secure sensational wins. This game is available for instant play in a no-download format on both desktop and mobile browsers at EmuCasino.

How to play Jacks or Better by iSoftBet?

To start playing, select a coin value and choose the number of coins to bet on a hand. The minimum bet for this game is $0.01, and the maximum bet is $5. Click Deal to place your bet and begin the gameyou will receive five cards. Decide which cards to hold by clicking on them; a card remains held as long as it is marked as Hold. You can also choose not to hold any cards. Once you've made your selections, click Deal again. Any cards you haven't held will be discarded, and new ones will replace them. If you achieve a winning combination, you can either Collect your winnings or click Collect & Deal to add the winnings to your balance and automatically start a new game.

To achieve a winning combination, you need to get one of the following with your five cards: Jacks or Better, Two Pairs, Three of a Kind, Straight, Flush, Full House, Four of a Kind, Straight Flush or Royal Flush. Only the highest winning combination will be paid. Check out the paytable for more details.

The bonus features in Jacks or Better

After a winning round, you can increase your winnings by playing Gamble rounds. For each Gamble round, five cards are initially dealt, with the first card on the left shown face up. Choose one of the four face-down cards - if the card you reveal is higher in value than the initial face-up card, you double your winnings. You can collect your winnings at any point and exit the Gamble rounds. However, if the card you reveal is lower in value than the initial face-up card, you lose your winnings and the Gamble round ends. In case of a tie, no additional winnings are awarded but you may continue the gamble round. You can Gamble up to a maximum of 5 rounds, including ties.

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