Colossal Bets Pay Colossal Wins

Jun 15, 2021 by

There’s nothing quite like winning over $120,000 to start off the month. For these three big winners, they’re having the experience of a lifetime. Sharif, Toby, and Kyle have won themselves a very good month of June!

First big winner Kyle might not have made a killing as big as our other two July featured big winners, but his dogged determination in sticking to a single slot game The Dog House paid off handsomely. Starting off his play a week ago, his first single bet of $12 won him over $21,500. Buoyed by this big win, he continued on his game and placed another bet of $18 and a win of $7,800.

For his final big win of the day, seeing the success of his two previous big wins, he placed a single $45 bet on the game. That too paid off handsomely and he walked away $12,500 richer than before. At the end of his winning streak, he amassed a total win of over $42,600 in a single day.

Second featured big winner Toby took a different approach for his $120,000 big win.

His three big wins came from three different games. Like Kyle, Toby started off his winning gameplay on The Dog House placing a single $50 bet. It paid off and he won $12,150 from it.

His second win was quite the fiery spectacle where a single $4 bet placed in mining-themed slot game Fire in the Hole returned $95,700! This contributed the bulk of his winnings. His third and final score came from fan-favourite slot game Big Bass Bonanza, netting him $12,000 on a single $50 bet.

Final June’s featured big winner is also the biggest winner of our trio. Shariff, our Kiwi big winner had won a grand total of $128,000 over a single day’s gameplay playing the same live casino game of Monopoly Live throughout the day.

On his first win, he placed a relatively smaller sum of $40 and winning $6,800 for his effort. Deciding to take his gameplay up a level, he then placed $800 on the game. His risky move paid off and he walked away $105,000 richer a scant few minutes ago.

Continuing his winning journey, he then placed two successive big bets of $160 and $400 that again paid off handsomely, giving him a $6,000 and $10,000 win, respectively.

After such a run of good luck, these three big winners have surely made their mark this month on EmuCasino. Will you be the next big winners featured in July?

/Josh Brown
News editor