Doubling Your Big Wins from The Slots Is A Lucrative Move

Doubling Your Big Wins from The Slots Is A Lucrative Move

Oct 20, 2020 by

Fancy the thought of unleashing your inner bandit, sticking up the banks or becoming a mighty high roller? Then you should find out how Liam from Betford Park in the Toronto suburbs did it. You just might run off with $64,000 at the end of the day.

Just a few days ago on the 12th of October, Liam, our own lucky lad, had started out his day with only $500 in his account playing the slots. His decision to loot the slots, so to speak, went off without a hitch.

First taking a walk on the wild side with slot game Goldilocks and the Wild Bears, he started out with a cautious bet of $5 per wager. After a few rounds of playing it safe, be broke caution to the winds and increased his wagering amount to $15. That’s when he found the honeypot, landing himself a $3,500 profit.

Deciding that he had emptied that larder for all it’s worth, he moved on to fan favourite, Wolf Gold, a game that has produced a lot of big wins in the past in EmuCasino.

In keeping with his newfound courage, his dance with the wolves was a risky one as he found no traction with the game for a few rounds. A chance wager of $50 changed that quickly, netting him an amazing $12,500 win in total on the game.

Deciding that nature was best left alone after such a harrowing experience, he decided to go easy and took up the act of banditry in the new Tombstone slot game. That too was a great idea as his bet of $30 led to receiving 10 Gunslinger Free Spins on the slot, walking away with a whopping $16,500 from the game doubling his previous total winnings.

Knowing that he was riding on a lucky streak that could run out of steam anytime soon, he decided that this game would be his final one of the day – Infinite Blackjack, a live table game.

By placing bets of a series of $100, he found his groove and yet again, doubled his total win amount from his slot games over the day from $32,500 to $64,000!

Finally deciding that his lucky streak should not be pushed further, Liam decided to walk away a very happy and rich man.

He’s braved through bear infested woods with Goldilocks, emerged victorious against ravenous wolves, became a desert outlaw, and played in what is undoubtedly one of his highest stakes of Blackjack. EmuCasino certainly has given it all to him.

/Josh Brown
News editor