Four Big Winners, Four Different Winning Strategies!

Nov 4, 2020 by

Big wins don’t happen all the time in EmuCasino. At the end of October, we had four big winners winning big on the same day itself! Meet Samuel, Angus, Luke, and Ruth, all hailing from New Zealand.

Over the last days of October, we had four very interesting big wins by four different big winners.

From the suburbs of Auckland, Samuel, our first lucky winner started his first big win of the day on Peking Luck where his $10 wager won him $9,442 on a single win. Two days later, he did it again with Mysterious on a modest bet of $5 winning him $2,162, bringing his total to $11,604!

That same day, Angus from Petone, also had two large wins. His first big win of the day came in from a $5 bet on Eastern Emeralds by Quickspin to give him a nice $2,550 win. Emboldened by his win, he tried his luck on other slots, but found no success. Switching tacks, he decided to return to old reliable – Wolf Gold. This time, Angus won $4,590 on a single $10 bet, giving him a total of $7,140 in winnings.

Our third big winner Luke found himself winning a grand total of $17,762.75 from his games that day. His first win started when he played Bar Bar Black Sheep, wagering $150 and winning $1,350 in return. Shortly after, he switched over to Big Bad Wolf where he won $3,715 on a single $25 spin. Deciding that he preferred playing with the sheep over the wolf, his decision saw him win a successive amount from the game itself. Rounding off his final big win of the day, he went back to the wolf – Wolf Gold – and won himself a respectable $2396.15 to end it all.

Our final featured big winner Ruth won a total of $12,735 over her playing session that day. Ruth took a different strategy and stuck to a single game – Eddy Dundee – throughout her winning streak. All throughout her games, she stuck to the same wagering amount of $25. This strategy paid off in spades – eight times in fact – as she won anywhere from $1,000 to $2,455.

With four big winners winning approximately $50,000 cumulatively in a single week, no player should imagine that they would not have a chance to win. After all, winning big doesn’t happen one player at a time. They happen whenever a player plays at EmuCasino.

/Josh Brown
News editor