Lucky Canadian Wrangles Wild West Big Win

The new year started off with a bang for one lucky Canadian when a trip to the Wild West scored her an explosive big win.

Eager to start the new year with some excitement, 32-year-old Anne-Sophie from Canada packed her bags and travelled to the treacherous no man’s land of the Wanted Dead or a Wild slot game. She loaded her revolver with a $3 bet, aimed at the reels and with her sharpshooting skills scored herself a big win of $7,476.

She was not the first nor will she be the last to collect a big win bounty from this part of the world as it turns out the gritty path of Wanted Dead or a Wild is lined with good fortune for those brave enough to walk it. Many a daring gunslinger has kicked open saloon doors, let loose a hail of bullets and lived to ride off into the sunset with a big win bounty lining their dusty pockets.

This long list of past lucky souls includes Christos, a 37-year-old fellow Canadian, who decided to hop on the wagon near the end of last year. Armed to the teeth and ready for trouble, he found his target, took aim, pulled the trigger and bagged himself a big win of $3,178.20 with just a $6 bet.

Similarly, 48-year-old Evangelia who also hails from Canada did not let the dust settle or the tumbleweeds roll in this corner of the Wild West. Like her sharpshooting compatriots, she geared up, hopped on her trusty steed and galloped into the desert heat. Just like them, her bravado paid off when a €3 bet helped her collect a €5,561.70 big win bounty.

With all these big wins and plenty more bounties to hunt down, Wanted Dead or a Wild has cemented itself as a dependable fan favourite with great winning potential. This can be largely credited to its three different free spin bonus rounds and the fact that players have a chance to win up to 12,500x their bet every time they spin its revolver reels. It’s no wonder why so many players choose to embark on a perilous journey through this slot.

We hope Anne-Sophie, Christos and Evangelia manage to get lucky again and that other players who find themselves in this Western wasteland will be able to be similarly successful big win bounty hunters in the future.

/Josh Brown
News editor