Number Three Proves Lucky for August’s Big Winners

Several cultures around the world consider the number three to be a lucky one and six Canadian players found out just how true that is in August.

To further cement the fact that three was August’s lucky number, the first three big winners of the month achieved their individual successes within a day of each other. In short, there were three big wins by three different players which were achieved over the course of three consecutive days.

The first player to kick-start this trend was 33-year-old Natacha whose €3 bet on the ever-popular slot game The Dog House fetched her a big win of €1,536.15.

25-year-old Shanny hooked her own big win of €2,209.50 the next day with an identical €3 bet on the Bigger Bass Bonanza slot game.

After that was 37-year-old Panagiotis who closed the curtains on this three-person, three-day big win streak. His €3 bet was a ticket to the Peking Luck slot game which led to a €1,029.60 winning performance.

However, that was not the end of the ‘lucky number three’ trend in August as three other players proved starting with 36-year-old Paul. In his case, it was a £3 bet loaded into the Wanted Dead or a Wild slot game that earned him a big win bounty of £1,964.10.

Not to be outdone, 35-year-old Jean also gave a €3 bet treat to the adorable stars of The Dog House and was gifted with a juicy €2,755.35 big win bone as thanks.

Bringing the final count of August’s ‘lucky three’ players to six is 33-year-old Alex who planted his £3 bet in the Harvest Wilds slot game and reaped a big win yield worth £1,473.75.

Needless to say, betting on – or rather with – the number three made August a lucky month for these six players. We hope that they and other players once again get lucky with this number in the near future.

/Josh Brown
News editor