Wild Big Win Streak Over $180k Released Upon Lucky Kiwi

This lucky Kiwi managed to gather a big win streak of over $180,000 during his 8-day stampede through the slot world.

The 47-year-old player from New Zealand (who wishes to remain anonymous) is no stranger to winning big, having won almost $280,000 in one weekend back in March. Now, he has returned to prove his luck wasn’t just a one-time occurrence!

Starting Strong with Over $20k Big Win on Wanted Dead or a Wild

hs-wanted-dead-or-a-wild-thumbnailHis adventure started with a trip to the gritty Wild West in the Wanted Dead or a Wild slot game. Armed with his $50 bet revolver, he managed to wrangle a notorious outlaw and claim a massive big win bounty of $22,475!

prplay-floating-dragon-hold-and-spin-thumbnailHis next stop of the day involved a trip to the East to the ever popular Floating Dragon: Hold & Spin slot game. He flew his $50 bet kite through the evening sky and was surprised when he reeled it back in to find a big win diamond worth $5,000 attached to the string.

mg-333-fat-frogs-power-combo-thumbnailFilled with the adrenaline of his big wins, he decided to hop over to the 333 Fat Frogs: Power Combo slot game. With an $8 bet drink, he managed to out-party the frogs and claim a big win prize of $2,128.80 in gold coins!

quisp-sticky-bandits-3-most-wanted-thumbnailHis final stop of the day brought him back to the Wild West, where he brushed shoulders with the fearsome female bandits of the Sticky Bandits 3: Most Wanted slot game. He grabbed a $18 stick of bet dynamite and launched into action, busting into the bank vault and escaping with a big win sack of cash filled with $4,128.

The Streak Continues With Fruity Big Wins

mg-fruit-blender-mania-thumbnailThe next day, the player was craving a sweet drink to quench his thirst, so he headed to the Fruit Blender Mania slot game. He threw in $22.10 worth of bet fruits into the blender and poured himself a colourful $3,536 big win smoothie!

bs-take-the-vault-hold-and-win-thumbnailFeeling confident, he then went to the Take the Vault: Hold & Win slot game. He donned his balaclava and with his $25 bet equipment managed to break into the vault, taking $3,940 in big win gold bars.

bs-primal-hunt-thumbnailA couple of days later, the player returned to his slot adventure with an urge to go on a hunt in the Primal Hunt slot game. He grabbed a $17.50 bet prehistoric spear and managed to catch the elusive big win cave lion worth $3,304!

3oaks-3-china-pots-thumbnailHe then caught a flight eastwards to the 3 China Pots slot game. With his $25 bet, he managed to collect a huge big win pot filled with $3,025 in gold coins.

Christmas Comes Early With 5-Figure Big Wins

prplay-wild-west-gold-megaways-thumbnailHis thirst for adventure wasn’t quite quenched yet, so he saddled up and travelled to the Wild West Gold Megaways slot game. With his $37.50 bet pistol, he proved himself quite the quick draw expert and sharpshooter when he managed to best a notorious bandit in a duel and claim the $10,098 big win bounty!

After a few days of much deserved rest, the player was ready to hit the dusty trail once again with a return to the Sticky Bandits 3: Most Wanted slot game. He put on his $18 bet cowboy boots and stormed into the bank, filling his sack with $3,768 in big win cash.

irondog-christmas-megaways-thumbnailIt may only be June, but wintertime in New Zealand must have gotten the player in the festive spirit as he slid into the Christmas Megaways slot game. He placed a $20 plate of bet cookies by the fireplace, and his generosity paid off in a mega way as he woke up to a giant big win present under the Christmas tree worth $11,358!

$27k Big Win Stampedes Through Reels in Release the Bison

prplay-release-the-bison-thumbnailStill riding high on his lucky streak, he decided to visit the North American plains in the Release the Bison slot game. With his $30 bet camera, he managed to snap the perfect big win photograph of a bison galloping through the green fields worth a staggering $27,048! Talk about a picture perfect moment that won him over 900x his initial bet!

He then took out his $45 bet zoom lens to catch more photographs of the majestic beasts in action, managing to take a stunning close-up big win photo worth $5,418. He upped the ante once again when he took out his $82 bet video camera and captured a beautiful video of the animals in their natural habitat worth $10,292.64. Those were definitely some risky investments that truly paid off!

hs-slayers-inc-thumbnailThe player still wasn’t done with his epic win streak, taking to the gritty futuristic streets of the Slayers Inc slot game. With 3 $30 bet shuriken, he managed to strike down his quarries and claim his head hunting rewards of $4,014, $3,546 and $9,186 respectively. Now we can definitely say he slayed his competition!

Going Out with a Bang on Rueda de Chile

evoplay-rueda-de-chile-thumbnailTo top it all off, he decided to end his fantastic day with a celebration in colourful streets of the Rueda de Chile slot game. He made a $50 bet offering to one of the shrines to celebrate Día de los Muertos, and was astounded when the skeletal figure of La Calavera Catrina gifted him with a big win crystal skull worth a jaw-dropping $50,250! That’s a staggering win multiplier of 1,005x his initial bet, definitely bringing this slot marathon to an epic conclusion.

Lady Luck must have blessed this player, as his grand total of $182,515.44 in big wins is nothing short of astounding. With all of these big wins, we are certain that he will receive more good fortune in the future, and hope that other players may also experience similar good luck.

/Josh Brown
News editor