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Race the Ace Scratch Game

1X2gaming Race the Ace Scratch Game Thumbnail Image
Game Type Instant Wins
Game Provider 1X2gaming
Min. Bet $0.05
Max. Bet $50

Play Race the Ace online scratch now!

Cheer on for your favourite Ace as you place bets in Race the Ace.

Race past all the cars and horses and enter a new way of crossing the finish line; cards. What could be more EmuCasino than four Aces, one of each suit race to cross the finish line to reward you great payouts. This virtual game is available instantly for play through your web-browser at EmuCasino. Race the Ace has been an instant hit with our players and has proven to be one of the most exciting virtual games mostly because the game does not totally depend on luck and is a skill based racing game.

How to play Race the Ace by 1X2gaming?

The aim of Race the Ace is to bet on which Ace (Hearts, Clubs, Diamonds or Spades) will be the winner of the race. The format of the race has been worked out in quite a smart manner. The game is played with a standard deck of 52 cards from which all four Aces have been removed. Seven additional cards are removed at random, and you then flip the remaining cards. As you reveal the remaining cards one by one, the suit which is revealed indicates the move of the Ace which has the same suit. For example, if any card with a Heart comes up, you move the Ace of Hearts one step further and keep revealing cards until one of the four aces crosses the finish line.

The catch here is that after the seven random cards are removed and displayed on the right side of the table, you will have lesser number of those suits on the remainder in the deck, therefore creating lesser chances of that suit showing up.

You have two different ways to bet on this game; Ante Post and With Form. In Ante Post, you place a stake on one of the four suits, each with a winning odd of 3.75. After youve placed your bets, the 7 cards are removed from the remaining deck and shown on the right side of the table and then the cards in the remainder are shown. The Ace which matches the suit with the card revealed gets to move a step closer to the finish line.

In With Form, seven random cards are taken out first; then only after are you allowed to choose which suit is likely to win. The payout of each suit depends on which 7 cards have been taken out of the deck; lower odds for those suits that are more present in numbers in the deck and vice versa.

The betting range for this game starts on a slow $0.05 and speeds up to $50. After you have chosen the stake level, you will be shown the return if the card youve chosen crosses the finish line first. You can also adjust the game speed through the control bar at the top left side of the table.

Race the Ace is an excellent game which is well thought-out in terms of gameplay. Although it might take a while for some players to get the hand of it, once youve warmed up, this game can easily be better than any derby youve ever bet on.

Suit up and race away!

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