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Gold Rush 250,000 Scratch Game

Pragmatic Play Gold Rush 250,000 Scratch Game Thumbnail Image
Game Type Instant Wins
Game Provider Pragmatic Play
Min. Bet $NULL
Max. Bet $NULL

Play Gold Rush 250,000 scratch card now!

Conquer this lucrative mine with dynamite and pickaxe in hand!

Rewind the clock back to the height of the California Gold Rush where miners from all over the country race to unearth hidden Californian gold and have their fortunes forever altered. This cave in particular is known for holding bountiful quantities of the finest gold, with the best finds amounting to €250,000.00 in value!

The objective in Gold Rush 250,000 involves scratching out cards to reveal the prize values underneath. If you manage to obtain 3 matching values, your win will be commensurate with that value. There are a total of 10 different prize categories in total which you may view in detail by clicking on the paytable on the bottom left hand side of the game. Note that the theoretical RTP (Return to Player) of this game is 71.72%-76.69%.

The visuals in Gold Rush 250,000 are compelling enough to make you feel like a true miner on a gold quest back in the day. The cards are depicted as a black and white image of a bearded miner wielding a pickaxe and the background depicts a mine shaft with classic wooden tracked leading deep into the tunnel and lanterns attached to the walls illuminating the darkness. At the bottom of the playing area are gold nuggets scattered all around the floor- only a small taste of what this mine holds!

Gold Rush 250,000 Scratch Game Screenshot Image