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Casino Races

A lot of lovely races for you

Win Amazing Bonuses and Prizes by Joining Our Casino Races

Casino races are unique and exclusive competitions that are open to all EmuCasino players and allow them to potentially win additional prizes just by playing our slot games.

They come in a variety of themes and offer a variety of prizes which include bonus cash, free spins and even real cash.

Since joining and winning in a casino race is as easy as logging in and spinning on one of your favourite games, feel free to jump in and start racing your way up the leaderboard now!

Gold and VIP players will also receive additional or upgraded rewards by participating and ranking among the top 10 positions in any of our casino races.

Please note: Playing on the participating game in an ongoing Beat the Winner will not contribute to any live casino race(s).

Below are the most recent and upcoming casino races hosted here at EmuCasino. You will be able to see the current and past races, their prize pools, the number of winning positions as well as the top 4 players on the leader board. To learn more about each individual race, you can click the 'View Race' button for more details on the prizes, leaderboard and requirements that must be met in order for you to join the casino race in question if it is open to you.

How do I Join a Casino Race?

ec-content-visual-casino-races-page-how-to-join-casino-racesTo join one of our standard weekly casino races, all you have to do is place a real cash bet on one of your favourite slot games here on EmuCasino; the second you’ve done so, you will be automatically opted into the casino race that is currently running.

In other words, you do not have to do any additional work to join our regular casino races which makes it an incredibly easy and rewarding feature of our site. Even if you are not actively participating in our casino races, you could still receive a prize just by playing at your own pace!

When it comes to our standard casino races, all of our players are automatically eligible to participate and playing on any of our available online slot games will qualify them for the race. However, that is not the case for our exclusive casino races which usually have some additional rules that vary from race to race.

Some exclusive races will have a specific selection of qualifying games and only by playing on them will you be able to earn points for that particular race. In such cases, the qualifying games will be displayed on the individual casino race page under the 'Participating Games' section. We also have exclusive casino races which are only open to a select group of players such as our Gold and VIP players.

It should be noted that we also occasionally host casino races which have special prize pools and require players to opt into them manually before they can start earning points for it. When such an action is needed, the eligible players will be notified accordingly.

How Does a Casino Race Work?

ec-content-visual-casino-races-page-how-do-casino-races-workCasino races are simple competitions where players race to the top of the leaderboard within the time period of the casino race. Each position on the leader board has a prize with the highest rank having the best and largest one.

The most common type of casino race is a spins-based race where leaderboard positions are determined by the number of spins made by a player. The more spins made within the time period, the higher up the leaderboard you will climb and the bigger and better your prize will be.

You can click on the current running casino race to see your position on the leaderboard compared to other EmuCasino players as well as the number of points everyone on the leaderboard has collected. This can help you keep track of your own rank and, if you're feeling competitive, see how many spins you need to overtake the person occupying the rank above yours on the leaderboard.

How Often Are Casino Races Run?

ec-content-visual-casino-races-page-casino-races-scheduleWe have recurring casino races that usually last one week from Monday to Sunday. That means you'll have a chance to win extra prizes every week just by playing the slot games of your choosing. Additionally, the seven-day duration of these casino races gives you ample time and opportunity to claim your place at the top of the leaderboard.

Aside from exclusive casino races, there is no limit on your participation in our casino races; you may take part and win prizes in them one after another for as long as you like. In fact, as long as you are an active player, the door to our casino races is wide open for you!

On that note, keep an eye out for our special seasonal casino races which will give you additional chances to win even better prizes to celebrate whatever the occasion might be. Since these are not as frequent as our weekly casino races, you can expect them to have unique or bigger than usual prize pools.

What Are the Prizes in a Casino Race?

ec-content-visual-casino-races-page-casino-race-prizesEach casino race will have its own prize pool which is distributed across its leaderboard based on rankings and the total number of positions. The type of prize pool that is offered and the number of winning places is displayed at the top of each casino race. Players have the chance to win bonus cash, free spins and real cash from these prize pools.

Each race has a bare minimum of 10 places and by extension 10 prizes that can be won but this can vary from race to race so be sure to check out the individual details for more information.

The details on the prize amounts for each position can be seen on the leaderboard on every individual casino race’s page. Naturally, places higher up the leaderboard will have bigger prizes to match their rank. Once a race has finished, an email will be sent to you confirming the end result, your final position in the race and what you have won if you succeeded in securing one of the top ranks. If you did win a prize, it will be paid out to your EmuCasino account automatically within the next few days.

What Types of Casino Races Are There?

ec-content-visual-casino-races-page-casino-race-eventsThere are standard casino races which are hosted on a weekly basis and usually start on Monday and end on Sunday. They are open to all players and most of them have prize pools that differ from one race to the next to keep things exciting. Adding to the fun is the fact that these races have entertaining themes such as Eddy's Gold Rush and Kiri's Honey Harvest. As our standard casino races are recurring events, don't be surprised if you see Dingo racing down a dirt track more than once!

To celebrate special occasions, we will sometimes host seasonal casino races with extra special prize pools. These events can cover anything from Christmas to Halloween and may include more region-specific events such as St Patrick’s Day.

Additionally, we occasionally host casino races in tandem with the launch of new game providers on our site. EmuCasino is dedicated to providing an ever-growing library of high-quality online casino games to all of its players and hopes that these exclusive game provider-based casino races will help players find new favourites among all the new slots available to them.

What Are VIP Casino Races?

ec-content-visual-casino-races-page-vip-casino-racesLast but not least, we have casino races that are exclusive to our Gold and VIP players with the main one being our VIP Golden Grand Prix casino race series. These provide our most loyal players with the opportunity to win from even bigger prize pools while racing against the elite group of individuals that are their peers on our site.

These casino races function no differently from a standard casino race so our top-level players need not worry about having to learn or adhere to additional rules when they participate. The prize pools in our exclusive VIP casino races are always real cash so if you’re part of this special club, don’t hesitate to take part whenever one is running!

What Additional Rewards do VIP Players Receive in Casino Races?

Gold and VIP players will receive additional bonuses if they participate in any of the standard casino races and manage to rank among the top 10 positions of any standard casino race leaderboard. Gold players will receive a 25% bonus on top of their awarded prize amount while VIP and VVIP players will have their bonus cash prize converted into real cash.

This initiative is intended to make casino races extra fun for our most loyal players by offering them exclusive bonus prizes should they choose to take part in any non-exclusive casino race. In other words, they no longer have to wait for the next exclusive VIP casino race in order to earn exclusive benefits!


Kiri's Honey Harvest Casino Race

emucasino-index-image-new-kiris-honey-harvest Live
$1,000 Bonus Cash Prize Pool
30 Places
4% 2024-05-26 23:59 View Race

Coming Up

Eddy's Jungle Rumble Casino Race

emucasino-index-image-new-jungle-rumble Coming Up
$1,500 Bonus Cash Prize Pool
50 Places
2024-05-27 00:00 View Race


Crazy Cash Chase Casino Race

emucasino-casino-race-index-crazy-cash-chase Finished
$2,000 Real Cash Prize Pool
50 Places
View Race

Eddy's Gold Rush Casino Race

emucasino-casino-race-index-eddys-gold-rush Finished
$1,500 Bonus Cash Prize Pool
50 Places
View Race

Surf and Turf Casino Race

emucasino-index-image-surf-and-turf Finished
$1,000 Bonus Cash Prize Pool
30 Places
View Race

Playtech Playfest Casino Race

emucasino-casino-race-index-image-playtech-playfest Finished
$1,000 Bonus Cash Prize Pool
20 Places
View Race

Dirty Dingo Dash Casino Race

emucasino-index-casino-race-banner-dirty-dingo-dash-02 Finished
$1,500 Bonus Cash Prize Pool
50 Places
View Race