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Find out who the luckiest players are at EmuCasino and see if you’re our next big winner. Don’t miss out the latest updates on our lucky punters and their player journey that made incredible winnings at EmuCasino! We’ll keep you updated on the big wins you can anticipate and learn about the games with these historical payouts, from slot games with special features to the exclusive live casino games.

Find out EmuCasino’s big wins below:

Latest Winners

  • EmuCasino lines up the biggest wins right off the bat for 2021 as we see all the classics, and some new slot names in the “Deliver Big Wins To Our Players” Hall of Fame. The story starts with Mathew, a 26 year Kiwi who played on the first day of 2021 to see if the […]
  • 2021 has ushered in new winners at EmuCasino. Just a few days ago, a lucky winner found himself over $27,000 richer. Stephen, a resident of Bay of Plenty in the North Island region of New Zealand started off his day with a balance of just under $3,000. Starting off his game, he decided upon fan […]
  • It was a busy weekend for four big winners in EmuCasino. Hailing from different parts of the world, the four lucky lads took home $28,000 in total winnings over 4 jaw-dropping days. Hailing from North Island, New Zealand, our first big winner, Matthew, chose a game beloved by many for good reason – Shaman’s Spirit. […]
  • Big wins don’t happen all the time in EmuCasino. At the end of October, we had four big winners winning big on the same day itself! Meet Samuel, Angus, Luke, and Ruth, all hailing from New Zealand. Over the last days of October, we had four very interesting big wins by four different big winners. […]