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Big Winners

Meet our most prolific big winners

Find out who the luckiest players are at EmuCasino and see if you’re our next big winner. Don’t miss out the latest updates on our lucky punters and their player journey that made incredible winnings at EmuCasino! We’ll keep you updated on the big wins you can anticipate and learn about the games with these historical payouts, from slot games with special features to the exclusive live casino games.

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Kiwi Swallows Up Almost $280,000 in Eclipsing Big Win Streak

One lucky Kiwi slithered away with a six-figure big win total over the course of just two days! A MEGA WIN TO START OFF THE STREAK Over the weekend, a 47-year-old Kiwi (who wishes to remain anon [...]
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Dayna-mite Harvests Over $60,000 in Juicy One-Day Big Win Streak

This lucky Kiwi dug up over $60,000 in big wins while on a one-day slot adventure in February! 51-year-old Dayna from New Zealand is quite the established name around these parts with a plethora of [...]
emucasino-news-article-october-2023-1000x-multiplier-big-winners Winners

North American Players Draw High Win Multipliers of Over 1,000x in October

Lucky players from the United States and Canada scored big wins with win multipliers of over 1,000x in October! It was not 44-year-old Daniel from Canada's first time scoring monumental win multipl [...]
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Lucky Kiwi Floating on Cloud Nine After Gilded Big Win Streak

One lucky Kiwi spun pure platinum out of the reels on a multi-day big win streak of over $30,000! For 44-year-old Tania from New Zealand, there was no better way to spend Halloween weekend than by [...]
emucasino-news-article-cody-october-2023-big-winner Winners

Kiwi Brews Up 5-Figure Big Win Cocktails on 10-Day Slot Bender

Between sipping on tropical cocktails and fishing for big bass, one lucky Kiwi managed to score over $33,000 in big wins on a 10-day slot marathon. 32-year-old Cody from New Zealand is no stranger [...]
emucasino-news-article-ahmed-october-2023-big-winner Winners

New Player Fishes Festive Big Wins of Over $10,000

One lucky new player made waves with a big win streak of over $10,000 within his first few days on EmuCasino. Beginner's luck must have been shining down on 43-year-old Ahmed from Canada as he made [...]
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